Caitlyn Callery

Caitlyn Callery lives in Sussex, England, near her three grown up children. She loves history, especially the Regency period, and is addicted to romantic fiction. She also enjoys film, theatre, Church, and time spent with her grandsons. Caitlyn writes a weekly newspaper column and was nominated for “South East Regional Newspaper Columnist of the Year” for three years running. She also writes stage plays, under the name Hilary Mackelden. “The Bankrupt Viscount” is her first published novel.


I’ve had seventeen stage plays published:

Eldridge Publishing have published:

If we had only known

Ashdown Lee

Beyond Redemption

Life Support


Lazy Bee Scripts have published:

Ahmed and the Mummy

Blue Ridge Cinders

Christ’s Passion

Devil in the Detail

The Pied Piper

The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Price of Firewood



The Sheriff of Council Flats

The Three Musketeers


Sammy won the Sussex Playwrights’ National Open Playwriting award in 2004

The Price of Firewood was entered for the Verity Bargate Award in 2007 and was commended.

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The Bankrupt Viscount

Historical Romance (Regency)

SERIES: Hadlow


Will, Viscount Hadlow, inherited his title along with a rundown estate and crippling debts. He refuses to marry until he can support a wife, despite his growing attraction to his neighbour, Ella. Ella cherishes her independence and has sworn never to marry at all, but her feelings for Will test her resolve.

Then a series of near misses convince them that Ella is in mortal danger. Will vows to protect her from her unknown enemy. But who will protect Ella from Will? Or, for that matter, from herself?




Regency Romance

Series: Hadlow


They’re both hiding in plain sight. Can they find each other?



A Good Man

Regency Romance

Series: Hadlow

He’s spent a lifetime trying to be a bad man. Will she make him a good one?



Dark Fiction Thriller

Getting rid of blood stains is easy. One hundred and seventy pounds of dead husband is more of a problem.







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