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Kerry Crowley

Kerry Crowley fell in love with writing in 7th grade, but believed the only way to make a living as a writer was in journalism. She worked as a reporter for a time, but soon realized that wasn’t a good fit. She switched careers and didn’t pursue her dream until a random conversation with her family led her to a character name she couldn’t resist. Mucus Phlegmball was born and from there, her children helped her weave a gross, action-packed story that she hopes will appeal to young boys everywhere. She lives in Genesee, Wisconsin with her husband and two sons, who she continues to rely on for inspiration. She is a member of AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop (www.allwritersworkshop.com) and of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Snoogers Rule, Mammoth’s Drool: Introducing the Amazing Mucus Phlegmball is her first middle grade novel.

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Mucus Phlegmball, a radioactive snot-blowing superhero, must save his town from mutant squirrels in this time traveling hilarious adventure.



Superhero Mucus Phlegmball returns to battle zombies and wereducks with the help of his best friend's newly discovered rocket farts.




Superhero, Mucus Phlegmball, battles his arch enemy, Turner, after accidentally giving him superpowers with a snooger to the head.







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