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Bill Dezell has been a mystery fan since those early Saturday mornings sitting in front of the television, notebook in hand, watching Scooby-Doo. That lead to Encyclopedia Brown, which led to Sherlock Holmes, and right on through the giants of the genre, including the classic detectives of Old Time Radio.

Fictional detectives, an interest in real-world police procedures, and a cynical outlook in general led to the creation of Raymond Jaye, the main character in a series of stories that combine hard-boiled P.I. attitude with a touch of humour and just enough of the old clichés to make it familiar.

Bill writes in Northern Utah, where he lives with an ever-expanding menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and free-range jumping spiders (which are basically cats). Also, a few humans.

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Series: Raymond Jaye Series



Book 1: Raymond Jaye Series

A mysterious blonde, a pair of thugs,
and a local cop with boundary issues.
So much for retirement. 






Book 2: Raymond Jaye Series

For some people,
the words weren’t so much a vow as an exit strategy. 





Book 3: Raymond Jaye Series

Being one step ahead is the perfect position for a knife in the back.

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