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Debra K. Dunlap

Born in Missouri, Debra K. Dunlap became an Alaskan resident at the age of nine months when her parents traveled north on the Alcan & settled on a wilderness homestead. She holds a B.S. in Physics and a second B.S. in Paralegal Studies, both degrees earned while raising her five beloved children. Currently residing in a small Wyoming town, she spends her days working in the legal field and her nights writing (and playing computer games!). In her first YA novel, she weaves together her education, love of Alaska and experience as a Children’s Librarian to create a hidden world of magic in the far north.
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Stand Alone Stories

Young Adult Fantasy


When soldiers attack her village and force every adult
into a fight to the death, fifteen-year old Gwenllian must
assume responsibility for a group of orphaned children

Series: Magic in the Americas
Young Adult Fantasy

Book One

(Print & Ebook)


Fallon O’Reilly and her wheelchair-bound cousin
strive to defeat the great evil threatening
Alaska’s hidden magical communities. 




Book Two


In her second year of magical education,
Fallon finds herself drawn into a deadly
race to save the lost arulataq. 

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