Elle Druskin

Elle Druskin has traveled the world, raised a family and a lot of pets and has had a long and successful career as a nurse and academic. Her debut novel To Catch A Cop was nominated as Best Romantic Comedy of 2010 by The Romance Reviewers.
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Stand Alone Stories


Contemporary Romance


Do a dog-hating cop and a cute dog trainer
have a chance at finding love? They can when
a junk food addicted poodle decides to play Cupid.



Series: Liberty Heights

Contemporary Humorous Romance

Book One


Workaholic New Yorker Hayley Weaver
and New Jersey small town veterinarian
Jake Marx collide in love and laughter in
Animal Crackers.

Book Two


It’s love and laughter in Liberty Heights
when social director Ellie Marx hits
town and collides with cranky Zach Resnick
who is trying to write a book.

Book Three


It’s Grandma as matchmaker along with
Algernon the Meerkat. More romance, fun
and mayhem in Liberty Heights.


Book Four


It’s campaign season! Mayor Woodrow Wilson is running for re-election while widowed Kara is campaigning for his heart.


Book Five


Jim Kildare is determined to win Renee’s heart. Plans go haywire thanks to Grandma Dixie Sue and ghost sightings.


Book Six


Come as an Adams to LouAnn’s Halloween party. Which Adams has murder on his mind? Celebrate Halloween—Liberty Heights style.


Book Seven

Pranksgiving: A Liberty Heights Thanksgiving Short Story


Birdnapped! Who stole Jerome the celebrity turkey? Why? Join the hunt and fun of a Liberty Heights Thanksgiving!


Book Eight

Wait Watchers


Men definitely make passes at gals who wear glasses or are nearly blind without them. Romance rules in Wait Watchers!





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