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Elle Druskin

Elle Druskin has traveled the world, raised a family and a lot of pets and has had a long and successful career as a nurse and academic. Her debut novel To Catch A Cop was nominated as Best Romantic Comedy of 2010 by The Romance Reviewers.
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 Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release: February 3, 2012

Pages: 132

ISBN: 978-1-927361-84-9

Price: $5.50

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Sam Kendall is a cop with a mission; find the killer who murdered his partner and track down the diamond thieves behind the killing.  Chief suspect Jodie McBride is a brilliant dog trainer but a loser with men.  Dog-hating Sam is stuck with a junk food addicted poodle as his new partner and stuck on a cute redheaded dog lover that he desperately wants to be innocent.  Mix in an assortment of eccentric pooches, their offbeat owners, baseball fans and two very smart canines who know humans can’t be trusted to know a good thing when they see it.  Before Sam and Jodie know what's happened, everybody is going to the dogs.

Liberty Heights Series

Genre: Contemporary Romance Humor

Tags: Humor and contemporary romance, series

Release: May 4, 2012

Pages: 153

ISBN: 978-1-77127-037-3

Price: $5.50

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You’re fired.  Manhattan workaholic Hayley Weaver is out of work, out of money and out of luck.  Facing eviction, she grabs the first job offered, house-sitting movie star Paulette Stone’s New Jersey home.  Hayley swore she’d never go back to Jersey but she’s hit rock bottom.  The job sounds like a snap and the answer to her prayers. She should have known Jersey would throw a curve ball. Paulette neglected to mention her exotic menagerie and more critters than the Beverly Hillbillies in residence.  Small town Jersey veterinarian Jake Marx is desperate to meet a woman he hasn’t known since kindergarten.  Animal phobic Hayley has Jake on speed dial and the whole town is backing Hayley as their candidate to solve Jake’s love-starved life.

 Book Two in The Liberty Heights Series

Genre: Contemporary Humorous Romance

Tags: Contemporary romance, small town romance, romantic humor

Release: August 31, 2012

Pages: 138

ISBN: 978-1-77127-138-7

Price: $5.50

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Ellie Marx celebrates anything and everything.  Zach Resnick wants peace and quiet.  With both stuck in the same house, it's a collision course that just might lead to love.

Book Three in The Liberty Heights series

Genre: Contemporary Humorous Romance

Tags: Contemporary romance, small town romance, romantic humor, comedy, series, New Jersey based stories

Release: December 14, 2012

Pages  193

ISBN  978-1-77127-227-8

Price  $5.50


Kaboom! A gas leak destroys Dana Fremder’s apartment and business in Brooklyn. With nowhere to go, Dana runs straight to best friend Hayley in Liberty Heights where a gunman is running loose. Or so Dana thinks. Voice over actor Hank Axelrod is loaded with sound effects that pop, whine, and screech, irritating Dana’s overstretched nerves. Too bad for Hank and Dana, that Hank’s Grandma Baumgart takes a joyride on a skateboard. Grandma has a concussion and an unshakable conviction that Hank and Dana are married. Nobody wants to upset Grandma. What can Hank and Dana do?

Book Four in The Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Humorours Contemporary Romance

Tags  Small town romance, romantic humor, contemporary romance, series, happily ever after romance

Release  June 14, 2013

Pages  205

ISBN  978-1-77127-344-2

Price  $5.50


Widowed single mother Kara Wilson has a lot more in common with Liberty Heights mayor and fire chief Woodrow Wilson than either realize. Both are secretly in love with the other, not daring to hope their dreams can come true. With the help of the “Miracle Dress” and Wayne’s psychic predictions, Kara and Woody just might have a chance for a happily ever after, Liberty Heights style.

Book 5 in The Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Contemporary Romance

Tags  Contemporary romance, romantic humor, small town romance, happily ever after romance, romance series

Release  September 2013

Pages  215

ISBN  978-1-77127-400-5

Price  $5.50


It’s the Liberty Heights Stampede! B-grade actress Paulette Stone finally lands a great movie role. The catch? Equestrian skills required. Clueless Paulette turns to Jim Kildare for help but Paulette is hopeless. The solution? Import former rodeo champion Grandma Dixie Sue Kildare so Jim can concentrate on trying to romance Renee Landis, winner of the world’s worst first date contents.

While Renee does her best to ignore her feelings for Jim, Dixie Sue runs riot in Liberty Heights with her riding school, backyard sales and matchmaking. Then there’s the ghost haunting LouAnn Freedbush’s house complicated by sister BettyAnn’s failure at witch college and root beer addiction. What does psychic Wayne predict? Who is the ghost haunting LouAnn’s basement? Can Jim lasso Renee and win her heart?

The Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Romantic Humor

Tags  Romance, romantic humor, small town romance, series, contemporary romance

Release  June 20, 2014

Pages  229

ISBN  978-1-77127-557-6

Price  $5.50

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Straightlaced literary agent Portia Hart is hiding out in Liberty Heights from a crazed writer. She’s sprained her ankle, minus her eyeglasses and can’t see a thing. Newly widowed Truman Wilder is home after a mystery surrounding his wife’s death. The last thing he needs is Portia, but this is Liberty Heights, where lunacy and romance abound. Portia’s stuck at LouAnn Freedbush’s bed and breakfast. Sister BettyAnn is hysterical due to her eviction from Registered Witches of America. Uncle Rupert Freedbush is big game hunting in the backyard. Why? Because Uncle Rupert insists he’s Ernest Hemingway.

The Valentine clan snatched the property Truman needs for his optometry business. They want to open a florist shop. The Valentines are experts thanks to attending loads of funerals only nobody knows where the bodies are buried. This is New Jersey, after all.

Portia isn’t sure how it happened but Elmo, an Alaskan Malamute, has been left in her custody. Elmo’s diet consists of her shoes. What does Wayne, the psychic beagle say about this? How did everyone end up at 1920s Parisian Lost Generation party? Will Elmo eat the town out of footwear?

Men definitely make passes at gals who wear glasses or are nearly blind without them. Romance rules in Wait Watchers!

SERIES: Liberty Heights

Genre  Contemporary Romance Humor

Tags  Halloween, short story, series, humor, contemporary romance

Release  October 11, 2013

Pages  97

ISBN  978-1-77127-422-7

Price $2.50

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Halloween is murder.

Everyone in Liberty Heights is invited to LouAnn’s party. Dress as an Adams. Nobody can figure out why LouAnn chose such a peculiar theme, and the town’s residents wrack their brains for costumes representing famous characters named Adams. That doesn’t include the gate crashers; sister BettyAnn, now a bonafide member of Registered Witches of America, and her new boyfriend who’s practicing to be a vampire. Then there’s the uninvited costumed guest who plans to use the party to murder LouAnn, but this is Liberty Heights, where the unexpected usually happens.

Who’s trying to kill LouAnn? Why? How do the folks in Liberty Heights prevent a murder? Celebrate Halloween—Liberty Heights style.


Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Romantic Comedy

Tags  Small town, humor, romantic humor

Release  November 15, 2013

Pages  95

ISBN  978-1-77127-445-6

Price  $2.50


Kidnapped! Or is that birdnapped? Someone in Liberty Heights snatched Jerome, star of the Ledbetter Turkey commercials. Who? Why? Holding Jerome for ransom? Cutting Thanksgiving dinner costs? Join the hunt for Jerome and celebrate Thanksgiving—Liberty Heights style!






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