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Luke Evans

Luke Evans works with both words and water. Like a chemist, he tries not to mix the two. You may find him at a given moment testing water quality, batting at the cage, or tapping at the keyboard.
The results of these tappings can be found throughout the web and on print. His stories are available at TQR, The Externalist, and Gryphonwood. His poetry can be found at Etchings, Autumn Sky Poetry, and Contrary.
Do not confuse him for the creator of these words and worlds. He is merely the compiler, setting words in the proper order to reveal the worlds that already lie beyond.

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Genre: Sci-fi

Release: July 2011

Word count: 10001

Pages: 34

ISBN: 978-1-926931-96-8

E-book price: $2.50


 Vonnel offers a proposition to his skilled team of thieves: make off with the most technologically advanced gadget on the planet, and earn more money than they can imagine. The gadget known as "the wrinkler" lines up the rifts in space-time and thrusts you through it, but there's a catch. They're not the only ones after it.

They set up a sting in a skyscraper hotel on the edge of The City. Vonnel's right-hand man is dressed as a woman, his techie can't get the volume right on his communications, and his bumbling diversion is doing things better left unknown. Vonnel intercepts the target in his hotel room. Problem is, the wrinkler is not inside, and the man who stole it, his old nemesis, has already used it to disappear.

Now Vonnel must use all his wits to determine where his nemesis has gone, and how to procure the wrinkler for his client. It's a race up skyscrapers and through space-time for the ultimate gadget, and only one person can stop him: a man he has never before bested.


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