Margaret Fieland


Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life.  She is an avid science fiction fan, and selected Robert A. Heinlein's “Farmer in the Sky” for her tenth birthday, now long past. In spite of making her living as a computer software engineer, she turned to one of her sons to format the initial version of her website, a clear illustration of the computer generation gap. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Melusine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved.  Her book, "The Angry Little Boy," will be published by 4RV Publishing, LLC, in early 2013.  You may visit her website,

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Tween/Young Adult Sci-Fi


On planet Aleyne, a teenage boy discovers a terrorist plot
and learns more than his own life is at risk. 





Sci-Fi Romance


When you bend the rules,
they may snap back and hit you in the face. 



YA Sci-Fi


When a careless act results in a death, how can you live with the consequences?


Rob's Rebellion

Sci-Fi Action/Adventure Romance

Will Colonel Rob Walker be able to prevent war between the Federation and the Aleynis?

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