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Mel Favreaux

Mel Favreaux lives in southwestern North Carolina with her two small monsters who just love to keep her on her toes, driving her to both laughter and tears on a daily basis. She suffers from Inappropriate Laughter Syndrome (IPPL) and has a dark sense of humor. Morbid fascinations with all kinds of music, swords, knives, dangerous wild animals (both exotic and domestic), and her passion for oddities help her to keep the creativity flowing. Luckily, select few friends and family completely understand her fascinations, though not all share it, but accept her for the weirdo they’ve all come to know and love.
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Genre: Romance/Women's Fiction

Tags: Adult Content, Vacation, Ocean, Weddings, Cancer, Restaurant, Architecture

Release: August 10, 2012

Pages: 135

ISBN:  978-1-77127-123-3

Price:  $5.50
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Kimra Valor was a woman on a mission. To enjoy her final vacation and set in motion the events that would end her life. The brain tumor was inoperable. Her entire life had been mapped and planned out for her, now it would end on her terms.

She just wanted a week of relaxation to get her mind set for the end. What she hadn’t planned was meeting Jaren Davies and his enormous but adorable English Mastiff, Mac. In them she discovered what she’d craved her whole life, compassion, gentleness, and love.

The last thing Jaren Davies expected while on vacation was to fall in love. In Kimra’s care-free laughter and absolute passion for everything he found what he never believed existed. One week and he was done, she truly was the woman of his dreams.

Not wanting to ruin the magic they shared, Kimra kept her illness a secret. Was it wrong to want to spend as much time surrounded by love and happiness as possible?

Could she walk away and break Jaren’s heart?

Would he allow her to leave?

This heartbreaking story follows choices that are the most difficult to make, ones no one should have to make.

A Sanctuary Novel: Book One

Genre  Paranormal Romance

Tags  Werewolves, were-tigers, were-creatures, Goddess, Native-Americans, Guardians

Pages  314

Price  $5.99

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Was a life dealing with the pressure of photographing an A-List crowd really what she wanted to be known for? Casey Maynard decided a trip home was called for: a camping trip into the wilds of North Western Montana. Growing up, she’d spent as much time in its vast wilderness as she had in her own home. The weekend trip with her father and brother fell through, but undeterred; she’d gone alone.

But Casey finds herself in the middle of a twenty year vendetta against her father for killing the Alpha of a pack of werewolves who hold a Sanctuary deep in the mountains of the Cabinets. In a battle for her life, Casey finds herself falling for the new Alpha of the pack while he shows her how to handle and communicate with her own wolf.

Upon discovering the wolf spirit who chose her was the Mother of all Weres…more treachery thrives. Finding love and true bonds that know no bounds, her life is turned upside down.

From a deep family secret to a two thousand year old murder, will Casey’s link with the Silver Wolf be enough to save them all?

A Sanctuary Novel: Book II

Genre  Paranormal Romance

Tags  Werewolves, were-tigers, shape shifters, Native Americans.

Release  March 28, 2014

Pages  279

ISBN  978-1-77127-502-6

Price  $5.95

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Being the only were-tiger in a predominantly werewolf sanctuary wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but Amber Vaughn was glad to be able to rest easy. Emotionally and physically scarred from a traumatic childhood, her close relationship with the Alpha male and the incomparable bond she shares with his new mate, Casey, were unique.

In five years, she’d gone from beat-down oppression to Braedyn Walker’s second in command. While not ruthless, her strength and speed had served their community well.

Coming to terms with years of emotional turmoil, she found love, something she’d never considered possible, in the arms of a Guardian, Dean Maynard, Casey’s brother. An officer who polices supernatural, paranormal, and preternatural beings, his job was to protect the world from beings like her.

A relationship between a human and a Were could work, even when not designed by the fates. Dean is attacked by a werewolf, and ready or not, Amber’s newfound love is yanked from her grasp. There is no way the fates would condone a union between a tiger and a wolf.

Conflicted between her love, honor, and duty, does Amber have what it takes to handle the emotional turmoil or will she shut down again?

A Sanctuary Novel Book III

Genre  Paranormal Romance

Tags  Werewolves, weretigers, werebears, succubus, incubus, demigods, goddess, gods, creators, Native Americans

ISBN  978-1-77127-539-2

Price  $5.95

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It had been more than twenty years since he’d last seen his wife. Twenty years of searching with connections spanning from the military to the secret organization, The Guardians. Nothing. Forced to retire early from the military to take care of his two young children, Peyton Maynard did what he had to do to raise his young family.

Becoming a Guardian, policing paranormal, supernatural, and preternatural beings offered him the flexibility to be the hands-on father he needed to be. Blessed with the gift of precognitive dreams served him well, except where it came to Kit. He never saw her come into his life and never saw her leave. But she still haunted his dreams.

Kit had gone by a variety of names—hiding from a man with the connections her husband had was difficult. But to protect her family from her true identity, she had to leave. Pretending to be human in a world that wasn’t ready to accept her, Kit survived the only way possible.

Coming face-to-face once again with the love of her life was terrifying and bittersweet all at once. But could Kit overcome the abandonment issues of her children and fix what had been destroyed?Could she make them understand she’d left in order to protect them?

Was she ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep them and their secrets safe?

A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV

Genre  Paranormal Romance

Tags  Weres, panthers, werewolves, weretigers, Gods, succubus, incubus, Goddesses, Fates

Release  December 12, 2014

Pages  371

ISBN 978-1-77127-643-6

Price  $5.95

There are five rules for being a Were outside of the Run.

  1. Blend in.
  2. Don’t harm the humans.
  3. Don’t shift in public.
  4. Keep the secret.
  5. If you need help, call.

Iris Oakley is a Were-pantheress, turned body-guard for politicians and the Hollywood elite. She was good at her job. Trying to blend in with the humans and abandon her were-self creates a dangerous rift between the woman and the beast. Only one person can mend it, her life-mate.

Jaxon Naylor, a blind and scarred war-vet, with a passion for music, finds himself in need of an experienced bodyguard to a movie premiere. What he gets, is the incredibly sexy Iris Oakley.

Together they discover a destiny that is far more than either had ever considered. Fate and justice do go hand in hand. Without one there is no other. Once these two come together, separating them comes with dire consequences.

A Santuary Novel: Book V

Genre Paranormal Romance

Tags  Were-creatures, shifters, jaguars, jungle, medicine, doctors, drug-lords, kingpins, slave-trade, tigers, Guardians

Release February 24, 2015

Pages  157

ISBN  978-1-77127-666-5

Price  $5.50

Henley Bostwick thought an eighteen-month rotation in the South American jungle clinic would help her forget her cheating fiancé. She didn’t expect questioning a young girl about her broken arm wouldput her on the local drug kingpin’s radar. Meeting the incredibly sexy Sebastian in the middle of her frantic run for her life was definitely an unexpected twist.

Baz Alvarez had hidden in the jungle for five years. Too many years in the military and intelligence had nearly shattered him. After seeing the damage people did to themselves, he sought refuge where he was the most dangerous predator of them all. The elusive white jaguar the locals had come to call, the ghost cat. When the jaguar gives his vow of protection for Henley, Baz is helpless to fight his were-self.
An immediate connection is discovered and tensions rise.
Henley is strong-willed, capable, and doesn’t back down.
Baz is determined to live his life in exile with the least amount of ties as possible.
When Henley is kidnapped and brought into the kingpin’s human trafficking scheme, the Gato de fantasmas is out for blood.
Can they find the strength they’ve always desired in each other?

A Sanctuary Novel Bundle
by Mel Favreaux
Genre Paranormal Romance
Release February 2015
Price $23.80
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Mel Favreaux delivers the first four books in her A Sanctuary Novel series…

a paranormal romance roller coaster ride of action, emotions, and cliffhanging endings that keep you at the edge of your seat.

Four books in one:

Walker’s Run

Shadow Walker

Dream Walker

Blind Walker

Series The Guardian Chronicles Book 1

Genre Paranormal Romance

Tags Were-tigers, Shape-shifters, Guardians, Vampires, Special abilities, Sonokinesis, telekinesis

Release July 14, 2015

Pages 309

ISBN 978-1-77127-726-6

Price $5.99

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Surviving a nearly fatal and crippling motorcycle accident, Bryce Payne is forced to reconsider her life goals. She’d been given the job opportunity of her dreams, but with a paralyzed hand and permanent limp, becoming the engineer she’d studied for had slipped from her grasp. Meeting Laveaux, a Guardian Were-Panther, and division leader at Guardian Enterprises, Bryce discovered she was a sonokinetic with the ability to control and create sound.

Gavin Moxley, a Were-Grizzly from Walker’s Run Were Sanctuary, is working to extend the peace between the warring factions and to create a union to protect humans from beings like himself.

When the vampires create a drug to try and control Bryce’s friend Lauren, the Keeper with the knowledge of all the Guardians and secrets locations of all the Sanctuaries in the world…

everyone is in danger.

Battling to protect and save one of their own comes with loss, love, and honor. Can Bryce overcome her fears and accept her new role as a leader when everything begins to fall apart?

When fate intervenes, everything gets tossed on the table in a war for balance.

Book 2 in The Guardian Chronicles

Genre Paranormal Romance

Release November 15, 2016i

Pages 284 pages

ISBN 978-1-77127-864-5

Price $5.99

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Having an eidetic memory can be a blessing, but for Lauren Liles, it made her a target.

As the Keeper at Guardian Enterprises, her job is to know each member, their abilities, and all of their personal information. She debriefs each member after their cases, and uses the information to add to the PPS. A database she developed; an extensive collection of information about the beings her colleague’s battle against in order to protect mankind.

All Lauren ever hoped for was to be accepted and loved for who she was. When her ex seizes the opportunity to use her as a test subject for a drug he’d created in order to filter out secret information, all hell breaks loose.

Mason Blackwell, a Were-Liger, spent most of his long life in solitude. His diverse lineage led to prejudices and hatred among his own kind. Meeting Lauren, caused the protector to rear its head. Taking Lauren and her son away from the compound, he vowed to keep them safe.

Unconditional love and acceptance are all they’ve ever wanted. Can they overcome the problems ahead and manage to keep their hearts intact? Or will they follow the fates decree and find it together?

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