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Mel Favreaux

Mel Favreaux lives in southwestern North Carolina with her two small monsters who just love to keep her on her toes, driving her to both laughter and tears on a daily basis. She suffers from Inappropriate Laughter Syndrome (IPPL) and has a dark sense of humor. Morbid fascinations with all kinds of music, swords, knives, dangerous wild animals (both exotic and domestic), and her passion for oddities help her to keep the creativity flowing. Luckily, select few friends and family completely understand her fascinations, though not all share it, but accept her for the weirdo they’ve all come to know and love.
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Romance/Women's Fiction


To stay or go? Either would end in pain. What choices would you make for love?

A Sanctuary Novel Series

Paranormal Romance

Walker's Run

Book One


With the return of a Goddess, vengeance is reborn. Can Casey survive and bond with the Mother of all Weres?



Shadow Walker

Book Two


Learning to love and trust isn't easy. When Dean's attacked, there's a possibility he'll turn. Can were-tigers even love werewolves?


Dream Walker

Book Three


Can her family forgive Kit for twenty years of heartache when they learn the true reason why she left?



Blind Walker

Book Four

Without fate, justice truly is blind; separating them comes with dire consequences.


Jungle Walker

Book Five

In the South American jungle, Henley finds far more than she’d ever dreamed of with Baz, el gato de fantasmas.



A Sanctuary Novel Bundle

4 in 1 Paranormal Romance Box Set

The Guardian Chronicles Series Paranormal Romance

Taming the Beat

Book 1

Can Bryce overcome her fears and disabilities, learning to love herself while falling for a Bear at the same time?



The Keeper

Book 2

A single mother, drugged. A Were-liger, shunned. Together, can they overcome their internal struggles in a battle set on revenge?

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