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Lesley Field

Lesley Field was born and grew up on Teesside. She enjoyed riding and reading and later spent her working life dealing with legal problems. As a Legal Executive she spent 26 years handling Personal Injury Claims. When retirement came it was time to kick off the restraints of the law and discover her real self. What she discovered or re-discovered was writing something she’d dabbled in when she was in her teens. Although writing mainly contemporary fiction she has also found pleasure in writing period fiction. Using her love of Canada and her enjoyment of horses she brings both to her books. Now living on the North Yorkshire coast with her husband she spends her days enjoying life and writing, while he works at his photography.


Dangerous Entrapment

Genre Period Romance

Release August 11, 2015

Pages 253

ISBN 978-1-77127-731-0

Price $5.99
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Lady Isobella Rothbury believes herself to be on the shelf at 21 having suffered the humiliation of being cast aside in her coming out season. Now needing to help her cousin she seeks assistance from the Duke of Carlisle.

Richard Duke of Carlisle was intending to take a new mistress but is intrigued by Isobella’s approach and finds himself developing a growing interest in her. How he moved from considering a mistress to contemplating matrimony comes as some surprise.

Harry Duke of Exmouth was duped into marriage and plots to capture the virgin he let go. He will bed and breed from the un-named lady he boasts to his friends.

Overhearing the plan Richard realises that the lady is question is Isobella and he has no intention of allowing the lady he desires to end up as mistress to a scoundrel.

If he saves Isobella will he discover the passion she can bring to his bed? And will Isobella find out that to prevent the man you love from seeking a mistress, you should take on that role yourself?


Title Dangerous Deception
Series Duchess in Danger
Genre Historical Romance
Release November 29, 2016
Length 342 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-870-6
Price $5.99
Tags Regency, historical, duke, women’s lib, child, London, Suffragettes, marriage, duty, love, revenge, death

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Lady Caroline (Callie) Sutton has known Nathan, heir to the Dukedom of Craven, all of her life. He is best friend to her brother, James. Her childhood has been idyllic, brought up away from the restrictions and trials of society.

As she grows from child to maiden, the feelings between herself and Nathan change. A touch, a smile and a kiss, promise future happiness. When he leaves to tour the Americas with James, there is an unspoken agreement between them. But events destroy her idyllic life, snatch her away from that she had expected, and push her into a life she does not want.

Unable to fight the forces now controlling her, she vows to seek one last moment of the life she was destined to have, before bowing to the life she must now live.

But into that life she takes a secret so dire that if it were discovered her very life could be at risk.

Will she be able to maintain her deception? Will she be able to re-capture the happiness she once knew, or is she doomed to the fate that was thrust upon her?

Dangerous Desire
Book 3: Duchess in Danger Series
Lesley Field
Releasing November 12, 2019
Historical Fiction Romance
ISBN 978-1-77392-044-3
Price $5.99
Regency romance, duchess, mistress, London, marriage and duty, death, revenge


 Saunders Series: Contemporary Romance

Title Saunders: Lies and Deception
Series Saunders Series: Book 1
Genre Contemporary Romance
Release May 2018
Length 289 PAGES
ISBN 978-1-77392-005-4
Price $5.99
Tags Canada, Banff, Radium Hot Springs, Kelowna, Campbell River, Canmore, Moraine Lake, Vancouver Island, love, child, marriage, baby, son, marriage, deceit, lies, letters, family, saga,


Set in Banff in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Come and meet the Saunders family. With prestige and money they had everything. But secrets lie within the family, secrets that will change the family forever.

Follow Sarah and Jeff’s journey in Book 1. Saunders: Lies and Deception.

Sarah had everything, a handsome loving husband, a young son, then suddenly it was all snatched away. Defeated by outside forces, she made a new life for herself. But never forgot the life she once had. Risking everything if she was discovered, she returned to Canada, and crept back into Banff like a thief in the night.

Walking down the aisle at his son’s wedding, Jeff saw the one person he had never expected to see again. When his eyes met hers, shock quickly turned to anger. Tracking her down was easy, then he had one question. Why? The answer was not what he expected, nor one that he could believe. Or could he?

He was everything she once wanted, and he gave her everything she needed. Except one thing, trust. Could she believe what he said now? Could she risk being hurt again?

Can lies and deception be overcome?


Title Saunders: Endings and Beginnings
Series Saunders Series: Book 2
Genre Contemporary Romance
Release April 23, 2019
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 273 PAGES
ISBN 978-1-77392-035-1
Price $5.99
Tags Canada, Banff, Radium Hot Springs, Canmore, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary, love, child, marriage, gondola, mountains, baby, lake, son, wolf, bear, marriage, lies, water, beach, family, saga, hotel, death, illness, twins.

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Corey Saunders had grown up with everything he wanted, except one thing, his mom. The revelation of the lies and deception which had destroyed his family had turned his world upside down. But they were now in the past, an unpleasant, but not forgotten memory. His mom was back in his life and she and his dad were happy, adjusting to their new family.

His own life was good. He was married to Laura and they now had their own family. Everything was perfect. Too perfect.

When life kicks you, it kicks you hard as he found out. Nothing he could do, no amount of money could change things. All he could do was face up to life, and move on.

But when moving on annoyed the hell out of him, drove him to distraction, what could he do. And what would he do when he discovered things were not as he thought? Lies and deception had torn his family apart once, was he prepared to take a chance. Was he able to forgive and see beyond it?

Could he forget the past and risk everything for happiness?












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