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Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks

Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks have been married for a little over forty years and have produced about twenty books and exactly three children in that time. At press-time, they still love their children more.

Their most recent novels are set in New York City, where they have lived for most of their married lives. Anne is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College where, in 1969, as the fabled Sixties were drawing to a close, she met Ken, who was a student at Haverford College. They don’t like to admit that they met at a college mixer, but there it is!

Ken and Anne have a website with the address There, they have links to some of their books and display images that they hope will be used in future efforts. In case you were wondering abut the website address, “R” is for Rothman, “H” is for Hicks, and 71 is the year of their marriage. No secret codes or numerology anywhere. Sorry.


Theft of the Shroud, 1984, Miles Standish Press, distributed by Dell Publishing, adult fiction.

Star Finder, 1984, Banbury Books, distributed by Putnam Publishing, juvenile nonfiction

A series of books on popular names for children (Michael’s Book, John’s Book, David’s Book, Matthew’s Book, Jason’s Book, Elizabeth’s Book, Michelle’s Book, Jennifer’s Book, Amy’s Book, and Sarah’s Book), 1984, Banbury Books, distributed by Putnam Publishing, juvenile nonfiction.

Kate and the Kid, 2013, Wings ePress, adult fiction.

Mind Me, Milady, 2013, Barbarian Books, adult fiction.

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Things Are Not What They Seem




When the pigeon first spoke, Jenny knew things were strange -- but she didn't know how strange, or dangerous, they would soon get.




Stone Faces

An Alice and Friends Book #1

Alice’s life is thrown out of kilter by her parents’ separation until some new friends she meets on a Cape Cod beach help her learn about love and friendship.




Brownstone Faces

An Alice and Friends Book #2

When a favorite old building in the neighborhood is threatened with destruction, Alice and her friend, Hannah, resort to unusual tactics to save it.




An Alice and Friends Book #2

Alice’s scheme to have a dog gets her into trouble when a picture she loads on her computer comes alive.











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