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Lizzie Hexter likes to spin a yarn in more ways than one. She has a passion for writing stories and also a love of all things crochet. She grew up in the north west of England with her two sisters, sharing life, laughter and the contents of their wardrobes.

At age 20 she pulled up sticks and moved to London where she enjoyed browsing vintage clothes shops and spending her meagre earnings drinking tea in posh hotels.

Lizzie has since moved back to the north west where she now dwells on a canal boat with her cat, her husband and a great number of books.

Her motto is: “Wear what you want, be who you are.”

Snap is Lizzie’s first published novel. She hopes it’s an exciting read, what with the fashion shoots, supermodels, film stars, kidnapping, extortion, stealing huge diamonds and scary gangster overlords, not leaving out the sprinkle of romance and sword fights, of course.

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Young Adult

Kat is snapped up as the next young supermodel, but dream becomes nightmare; one filled with kidnapping, extortion, and theft.








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