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Michael Infinito

I grew up in northern New Jersey. While in my teens, I developed a love for anything that involved being creative with words. Whether it was penning fractured fairy tales or writing silly song lyrics, I was never bored as a child.
As it does for many of us, life threw me a few curve balls, and I drifted away from what I enjoyed. I moved to North Carolina in 1996, where my writing took a back seat to paying the bills. Years later, I was given an opportunity to sit down and write again. This time I'm not going to waste it.
I currently live in Eastern Carolina, where I spend every available moment behind the keyboard writing new material. I have recently completed my third novel and I have written over a hundred short stories.
They say that you should do what you love to do, and that's just what I'm doing!
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Tween Fantasy Adventure


Fear the woods, Hazel, for sinister creatures lurk in the shadows of Hallow’s forbidden forests.




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