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S.B. Knight

SB Knight is a fan and author of Dark Fantasy and Horror. Knight's true passion is writing stories that deliver thrills and chills. He continues to build his writing skills with each novel while exploring the secrets hidden in the shadowed corners of the dark realm where nightmares play. His novels include Born of Blood, Drago’s Revenge, Demathia Rising, and Christian (to be released). Every day Knight is developing new story ideas. Join Knight and his growing fan base of Knight Stalkers on Facebook, his website, and his blog.

You can find Knight with his growing fan base, known as the Knight Stalkers, on his website, and social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. When not writing he enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, spending time with his family, watching movies and sports with his family, and cooking.
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Genre  Dark Fantasy

Tags  Zombies, Demon, Secret Society, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Apocalypse, Guardian, Family Secrets, Magic, Survival, Runes

Release:  March 2013

Words  60129

Price  $5.95

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Mason Rune had a good life—wealthy parents, a college education, and a loving family. All was going well until tragedy struck. In the span of a month, he had suffered the death of his two uncles, his grandfather, and his father. Lost and confused, Mason finds solace in his father’s study. In this sanctuary, his life spirals out of control as he discovers his father’s diary stashed away. What he once believed to be true proves to be false. Trust is lost, and everything is in doubt. This is only the beginning of Mason’s troubles as the Aesir, a secret society, lurks in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. They have but one mission, to release Demathia, a demon of unimaginable power. Once released, Demathia will destroy all who oppose it, enslave humanity, and remake the earth into a realm or pain and anguish. Only one person stands between Demathia, the Aesir, and world domination…Mason Rune.    

Mason must discover the truth and accept who he is in order to battle the Aesir and defeat Demathia.


Book One in The Blood Chronicles Series

Genre: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy Novel

Release: March 23, 2012

Pages: 196

ISBN: 978-1-927361-69-6

Price: $5.95


In BORN OF BLOOD, Jesse Banks unknowingly, steps into the middle of a battle between good and evil that has raged on for generations. As the danger escalates, she begins to put the pieces of her clouded past together.

Jesse discovers the truth about her ancestors and the horror that relentlessly pursued them — a horror that now pursues her. To survive, she must join the fight. But the immortal monster that stalks her has other, more sinister, plans, and will stop at nothing to see those plans accomplished. Can Jesse escape a fate worse than death and defeat an age-old evil?


Book Two in The Blood Chronicles

Genre: Dark Fantasy Paranormal

Tags: Vampire, blood, Dark Fantasy, Horror, thriller

Release: October 31, 2012

Pages: 182

ISBN: 978-1-77127-168-4

Price: $5.95


The birth of a child is a time for joy and celebration. For Sam and Reba, it is a time for concern and worry. Concern for what could be and worry for what lurks in the shadows. They both know Reba’s baby, Christian, is special. But Drago waits in the darkness, and he, also, knows how special the child is. He knows what the child’s birth means. Now Drago stalks them, waiting for his moment to strike and claim Christian for his own evil purposes. As he unleashes his sinister plan, Sam and Reba fight to survive and keep their newborn out of his clutches.

Chased by a group of would-be vampires manipulated by Drago, Sam and Reba are forced to abandon their home and find sanctuary in once forgotten locations. But they are not alone in this fight as family and friends arrive. Will it be enough?

Life will be lost, blood will be spilled, painful memories, and emotions will torment minds…all part of Drago’s revenge.

Series: The Blood Chronicles Book III

Genre  Dark Fiction/Horror

Tags  Vampires, Horror

Release  October 14, 2014

Pages 250

ISBN 978-1-77127-596-5

Price  $5.95

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Drago now has the key to his permanent immortality in hand. It is just a matter of time before the most evil vampire of this age is able to unleash death and torture on mankind for eternity. Only Sam, Reba, and Caleb stand in his way.

As Reba fights her own battle for survival, Sam and Caleb begin a frantic search to find and rescue Christian from Drago’s grasp. They soon discover that time is running out as the vampire stays one step ahead of them. But Sam battles with a far sinister question…how do you destroy Drago and save Christian when it is Christian’s bloodline that keeps Drago alive?

The fate of good and evil rests on the tiny shoulders of a child in…Christian…the epic conclusion to The Blood Chronicles.








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