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Rachael Kosinski

Rachael Kosinski is currently a sophomore college student in New York. She is studying to be a museum curator, which will provide good ideas for stories, of course! Before the seventh grade, being a writer never occurred to her. When she was younger, she hated reading and even declared to her parents that it was killing her. She wanted to be a cook, or a photographer for National Geographic, or an animator, or an archaeologist. Then her English teacher had the class write short stories, and a yearning was opened inside her, to write stories that people would one day read. While most teenagers dream of boyfriends, Rachael also dreamed of being published, of what her books cover would look like and how it would look to see her story on a shelf. Rachael hopes to study abroad in Dublin, and work at finishing a full-length novel.

The Christmas Lights

Historical Romance

What if someone told you Christmas lights were really for a miracle, for love, to light a boy’s way home?




Historical Adventure

When one is the greatest thief in England, saving a princess instead of stealing her is easier said than done.








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