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Amy McCorkle/Kate Lynd


Born and raised in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky she roots for her Wildcats and spends her time trolling bookshops and movie theaters.

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Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

Release: January 20, 2012

Pages: 45

ISBN: 978-1-927085-51-6

Price: $2.50


Almira Sands has been running all her life from her abusive father Jack. She knows one day the running will end and only she or her father will be left standing. What she doesn’t expect is to be kidnapped by Daniel Logan.

Daniel Logan is a mercenary who only intended to use Almira long enough to get to safety, but when she takes a bullet and almost dies he finds himself questioning who he is and what he does and saves her life.

On the run and falling in love they are forced to decide: a life on the run together, or face her father, the man who has the power to separate them forever.

Genre Dark Romantic Suspense

Tags Romance, Suspense, Crime

Cover Designer Celairen

Pages 168

ISBN 978-1-77127-589-7

Price $5.50


Jacob Dalton was a broken man. Home from a war he’d lost himself in to forget the pain of betrayal at home he is confronted by the past in the form of an innocent stranger whom he quickly realizes is his ex-wife’s sister.

Elizabeth Jaxon’s life is a study in tragedy. But when her life crosses paths with Jacob for a second time she finds his brute force protects her from others as her music heals him.

But as they find out the past has a way of closing in on you and no matter how far you run from it sometimes ugly things have to be done to protect the ones you love from the monsters of their pasts.







Sci-Fi Erotica Romance

Release: October 28, 2011

Pages: 22

ISBN: 978-1-927361-04-7

Price: $2.50


A human rebel against the Capturian Forces, Caliope was enslaved for five years and tortured. She never expects to meet James, a half-breed too human for his own good.

Their connection is electric.

Their love is forbidden.

Their daughter may be Earth’s only hope.


Book One in The Gladiator Chronicles

A Novel by Kate Lynd

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Erotic Romance

Release: August 2012

Price: $5.50

ISBN:  978-1-77127-127-1

Pages:  111


Ten years ago Tristan Shane had failed to pick sides and he paid with the ultimate price—his family.  Enslaved as a post-apocalyptic gladiator, he is now faced with a similar dilemma, serve the despot  Queen and murder her innocent sister, or face certain death himself. What will he choose?

Tristan Shane was a moderate before the nuclear and economic crisis which plunged the world into darkness. While his sister Aidia ran off to fight the rebel’s war he desperately tried to hang onto normalcy and lost his wife and children in the process. Spending the next ten years as the Crown’s favored and the mob’s favorite Gladiator, he never expects to meet the Queen’s sister, Alexandra, a Healer.

She claims to be the much whispered about Savior sent to heal the wounded Earth and oceans, the one who would bring about her cruel sister’s dethroning. But is she? Or is she just a fraud? But he quickly learns her erotic touch has the power to heal his heart and his to save her life. But as the passion heightens and the danger increases will they have forever or will he have to give up everything to save the planet?


Book Two in The Gladiator Chronicles

Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance

Release  March 15, 2013

Pages  67

ISBN  978-1-77127-284-1

Price  $2.50


Cain travels what remains of the gladiator system now that the Healer has healed parts of the planet and exiled the queen. Having witnessed the brutal massacre of his entire extended family he travels simply, in search of vengeance. Kayla is from a long line of mystics and healers and she too travels the circuit in search answers of where her twin is buried. When Cain comes upon her being tortured by a cruel former Military Elite captain he intervenes. But when the captains turns his weapon on Cain Kayla reveals herself to be much more than what she initially appeared to be and stops a bullet with her bare hand. With cries of heretic rising up on the wind Cain spirits her away to safety.

In her arms his true identity is revealed, he is the long lost Oracle meant to reunite the Healer with her twins. As their passion consumes them he learns he is Kayla's conduit and his erotic touch has the power to heal her. But when a brutal act by the same captain is exacted upon her Cain must race to the only person who help him save her life. But can he get there in time. Or will Kayla die, leaving him to face his destiny alone?







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