Charles Mossop

Charles Mossop, now retired from a forty-two year career as a post-secondary educator, administrator and private consultant in international development, lives on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast. Legally blind since the age of nineteen, he enjoys hobbies of gardening and playing classical guitar and piano when he is not writing. A long-time lover of mystery and adventure stories, Charles has become a professional writer and using his background as a social scientist and historian has published a number of short stories as well as numerous articles on historical fiction. His first novel, Jade Hunter, appeared in 2007, and his second, The Devil At My Heels, in 2010. His third novel The Golden Phoenix was released in early 2016. His acclaimed short story With Different Sight (2015), addresses the numerous challenges facing those living with sight loss.




Short Stories

“Magistrate Lin and the Testimony of the Household Gods” Over My Dead Body, 2005

“Captain Square and the Turk’s Head” Futures Mystery Magazine, 2005

“Captain Square and the Admiral’s Daughter” Amazon Shorts,, 2006

“Captain Square and the Wrong Man” Amazon Shorts,, 2006

“The Other Side of the Bridge” in Aleatory’s Junction, ed. Lea Schizas, Double Dragon Publishing, 2006

“Magistrate Lin and the Commercial Venture” Futures Mystery Magazine, 2007

“Lord Erdely’s Curse” in Carpathian Shadows Vol. I, ed. Lea Schizas, Books for a Buck, 2007.

“Magistrate Lin and the Mandate of Heaven” Amazon Shorts,, 2007

“Captain Square and the Sleepless Knight” Mysterical-E Magazine, 2009

“Magistrate Lin and the Feng Shui Master” Mysterical-E Magazine, 2010


“World Building” in The Muse on Writing, ed. Lea Schizas, Double Dragon Publishing, 2005

Contributing Editor, Historical Fiction, The Muse Marquee. Monthly articles 2005-2009

Contributing Editor, “Worlds Apart” (Historical Fiction), Apollo\s Lyre since 2009


“Jade Hunter” Double Dragon Publishing, 2007


Member of fiction editorial staff, Mysterical-E Magazine since 2006


Stand Alone Stories

Mystery/Adventure/Historical Fiction

A modern murder mystery with a historical twist. 

In Print


An Act of Treason

Historical Mystery Thriller


Murder aboard an eighteenth century English warship as her captain fights England’s enemies among his own crew.



Magistrate Lin and the Eye of the Dragon

Mystery Historical Thriller

Rebellion, sedition and murder in Ming Dynasty China



Historical Fantasy

A young man facing the loss of his eyesight finds help in an unexpected time and place.


Historical Thriller

Amid a dangerous web of deception and greed, a priceless artifact made centuries ago in India is finally hunted down.



The Man Who Fell from the Sky

Mystery Historical Adventure

A chest full of gold guineas, a dead man no one knows, and a conspiracy of silence.







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"I am not even sure where to begin with this one, so this might just be a bit of a ramble because there is soooo much in my head with both this book and these characters!!!  All i can say is  .. YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!"

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"...this book is perfect for the younger crowd. It gives them the fantasy of a fairytale, the elements of a mystery and just enough of a love story not to "gross them out""

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"This book has it all, love, action, tragedy, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi."
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"This book has so much to offer, I loved the characters so much & theres so much to offer in this new series, that waiting for us fans will be sheer torture to say the least."
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