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Donna Jean McDunn

Donna Jean McDunn is a writer of fiction for young adults, women’s romance and short stories for children and women. At the tender age of twelve, she dreamed of writing, but she had no way of knowing the many journeys she would take before reaching her dream. She married at nineteen, had three daughters by the age of twenty-seven and graduated from college at forty-two. The first of eight grandchildren was born by age forty-five. She earned a 3rd degree black belt in Songahm Taekwondo at age fifty-eight. And so today she writes and her dream is no longer just a dream. She has had three children’s stories and one adult story published. She was also one of nine winners in The Mystery Times Nine 2012 Young Adult Short Story Mystery Contest sponsored by Buddhapuss Ink Publishing.

Author's Other Works:


Nightmares - MuseItUp Publishing - May 2013
Visions - MuseItUp Publishing - August 2014
The Rose Stalker - MuseItUp Publishing- Spring/Summer 2015
Mystery Times Nine 2012-Buddhapuss Ink-2012      

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 The Nightmare Series

Young Adult Paranormal

Book One


Emily must accept her gift of clairvoyance and remember her past, when a psychopath returns to kill again.


Book Two


Emily must help a murdered child find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from possessing and destroying innocent lives.




Book Three

A small Iowa town holds a dark secret Emily must uncover to save a small boy…if she survives what’s coming.


Romancy Mystery Suspense

For the first time in Gail's fifty-five years she has found happiness, but the rose stalker wants to end it.






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