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G. L. Miller

Gwen was born and raised in DuBois, a small city in the western part of Pennsylvania.   She married her high school sweetheart, Jerry, and they have two sons and a daughter. Their experiences over eighteen months of chicken raising became the basis of Sammy’s adventures.

The family moved to Pace, Florida where her life changed from being an “at home” mother to being a “working” mother. She retired after twenty-six years of working for the United States Government.

Besides her family, which includes a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, four grandchildren and a great grandchild, she enjoys sewing, needlework, remodeling, gardening, canning, reading…and the joyful challenge of writing.

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Genre  Tween/Social Issues/Friendship

Tags  Country family life, coming of age, boys, farm animals, humorous, mystery, friendship, new experiences, self reliance

Release  November 8, 2013

Words  36506

Pages  139

ISBN  978-1-77127-436-4

Price  5.50

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Returning to the family homestead intensifies twelve-year-old Sammy’s longing for the family heritage—farming. But Dad’s ultimatum, “… no crops, no animals, no barn…” shows Dad wants nothing to do with farming, for himself or Sammy. Then why did Dad insist Sammy join a farming club?

Permission slips for Ag club summer projects are due. Sammy defends his project choice with, “Technically, Dad, chickens are birds not animals.” Miraculously, he wins Dad’s approval.

Sammy’s problems begin with the early arrival of his peeps and the loss of his best pals.   His ingenuity to care for his chicks, make a new friend, and design a compost bin win him a new name. His biggest challenge—can he butcher his roosters?

Summer’s many adventures include solving a mystery, fighting a hawk, and being disqualified at the County Fair.

At the end of the project, has he won…or lost…the thing he wanted most—Dad’s change of heart about farming?

Genre Tween/Mystery Adventure
Release March 14, 2017
Designer MuseItUp Designs
Length 231 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-914-7
Price $4.99

Teens, youth groups, chickens, sheep, farming, cheese making, mystery, feuds, treachery, herbs, butter, county fair, school activities, barn raising, yarn, youth in business

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Sam plots a triumphant coup for next year’s County Fair exhibit—both to celebrate graduation from Middle School and to erase the disgrace of this year’s disqualification. He’ll raise a calf…and Mai Li will use her herbs for their joint exhibit of—cheese!

Until Sam learns…it takes two years for a calf to give milk…their farm is too small to support a cow…cows don’t eat goldenrod!

Determined, Sam finds a way to accomplish his plan. But will he have the strength, daring, and courage it will take to raise sheep in a cow county?








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