Laura Maisano

Laura is the author of the Illirin series of YA urban fantasy books, SCHISM and UNITY.She has an MA in Technical writing and is a Senior Editor at Anaiah Press for their YA/NA Christian Fiction.

Her gamer husband and amazing daughter give support and inspiration every day. Their cats, Talyn and Moya, provide entertainment through living room battles and phantom-dust-mote hunting. Somehow, they all manage to survive living in Texas where it is hotter than any human being should have to endure.You can find updates about writing and the random stuff in her life on her blog or follow her on twitter @MaisanoLaura. If you’re more interested in just the professional angle, check out her website



iLLIRIN SERIES: YA Urban Fantasy


Book 1

Four Dimensions, Three Hearts, Two Worlds—One Fate.





Book Two

They need faith in unity or must sever the worlds forever.


Breaking the SCHISM
by Laura Maisano
Prequel to SCHISM
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