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K.L. Pickett


K.L. Pickett was born in Southern California. Her first job as a young teenager was collecting eggs on an egg ranch. She’s had many occupations since then: preschool teacher, real estate salesperson, special education teacher’s assistant, loan officer, furniture salesperson, and agricultural biologist. She currently teaches fourth grade in a tiny rural elementary school.

Over fifty of her stories and articles have appeared in national magazines such as Boys’ Life, Highlights for Children, Humpty Dumpty, and Ladybug under the name Karen Troncale.

She’s rescued dozens of cats, dogs, and birds in her life including a pelican, a pheasant, and several crows. An avid animal-lover, she’s a volunteer for the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, designing their flyers each week and writing their public radio announcements.

Currently she resides in Tombstone, Arizona, along with her husband, dog, and mule. When she’s not writing, reading, or teaching, she’s riding her mule along the same desert trails that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday rode upon.

SEVENTH GRADE (ALIEN!) HERO is her first book.




Middle Grade Sci-Fi Adventure


Dustin has captured a tiny alien spaceship...
but someone else wants it and will stop at nothing to get it… 



Middle Grade Fantasy/Magical Realism


Pippy casts a spell and a magical glass horse appears – can she use its powers to get a real horse?


Middle Grade Paranormal

The Unwanted Gift


To Katie, Granny’s ‘gift of healing’ is a curse; but she’s destined to receive it – and destinies must be fulfilled.



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