C. David Rollins

C. David Rollins is a certified science geek. Growing up on a U.S. Military base overseas with no English language television, and before the invention of video games, David spent many hours devouring every science fiction and non-fiction book he could get his hands on at the base library.
After spending his youth immersed in the tales of Tom Swift, and John Carter of Mars, David went on to study engineering in college. He then served three years aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine, experiencing science and technology up close, and striving to maintain the ship's dive to surface ratio equal to one.
Today he writes tales of children living in the future or travelling into space. He tries to blend science fact with fiction in hopes of stirring an interest in science in young minds as his was stirred in his youth. He lives with his wife and children in North Carolina, USA.


Young Adult Sci-fi

Lost and alone, light-years from Earth,
Matt Roper and his friends must outwit the most ruthless empires in the galaxy.



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