Deborah Richards

Deborah Richards is a writer/artist who lives with her family in Ipswich on the east coast of England, UK. She has five children, three boys and two girls. All but one of them have now grown up and left home. Her youngest child, a daughter, goes to the local High School. Deborah has three university degrees which she has done over the course of her adult life - in Psychology, Business Studies and more recently in Fine Art (Painting). She spends a lot of time painting and then a lot of time writing but rarely does both in parallel as she becomes immersed in whichever mode of creative expression she is engaged with. Helped by her strong visualisation skills, Deborah’s writing and painting have similar themes. These are the natural world, the paranormal and distortions of reality which make stories interesting and paintings mysterious. The Skywhale is her second published book. Deborah plans to write a sequel to The Skywhale.


The Skywhale

Tween Sci-Fi Fantasy


Two young people find an intelligent creature that lives in the clouds and is frequently mistaken for a UFO and shot at…






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