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Alison Sky Richards studied all the background technical elements that go into creating stories and emotions (sound, light, and points of view) while attending undergrad at Niagara University. Since college, she has studied sword fighting and has held certificates of proficiency in both Broadsword and Short Sword with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD). Her weapon knowledge has made her into a “method writer” when it comes to designing fight scenes for her novels.

Currently a grad student at Western State Colorado University, Alison is working towards an MFA in Creative Writing with a focus in Genre Studies. During the year, she teaches writing workshops annually at conventions including DragonCon (GA), Imaginarium (KY), and Hypericon (TN). She lives in Nashville, TN with her BFF Bethany, their four cats, and way too many books still needing to be read.


Egyptian Dreams

Paranormal Romance

Jessica wasn’t expecting sex dreams in Egypt, but who’d say no to a soul who waited 4000 years for her?




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