Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith. Fantasy author. Mostly comic fantasy (which is fantasy intended to make you laugh, not fantasy in comics).
When I'm not writing I'm doing things like online gaming. If you know Bard Elcano (who says things like ‘greetings, Lady Desdemona’ a lot - sometimes even when he’s talking to someone called Desdemona), you know me. If you know a grumpy old dragon called Sephiranoth (who never uses one word where ten will do), you know me. If you know a tall, dark, handsome but brooding vampire, charming witty and brilliant - we never met. That's someone else.
So there you are. Graeme Smith. Me. Short, fat, bald and ugly (fortunately my wife has lousy taste in men). Time was, I worked on a psychiatric ward. Now I write about people who believe in magic and dragons, and who live where the crazy folk are the ones who don’t.
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Stand Alone Stories

Humorous Fantasy


To Segorian Anderson, women are an open book.
The problem is, he never learned to read.



Urban Fantasy


God, demon or poly-dimensional trans-optical
hyper-sentient autonomous non-organic entity...
nobody touches Charlie’s truck.




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