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Frank Scully

I was born in North Dakota a long, long time ago.  I have a degree in History with Phi Beta Kappa honors and a Juris Doctor in law as well as an MBA from the Thunderbird School.  I served in the U. S. Army in Vietnam and Thailand.  I have worked as an executive in a major aerospace company and owned my own small business as well as practiced law.  I have traveled the world and been both broke and well off depending on the vagaries of the universe.
I am blessed with an understanding wife who has been with me for more than 30 years and twin sons who are just graduating form law school this year.
I have been writing for years hoping to be published someday and am grateful that day is almost here.  I write mysteries and thrillers.




Series: A Decade Series Mystery

Jake Turner, a man who travels alone with a reputation he would like to leave behind, is a target for ruthless killers who want to stop him from solving a murder. And that’s the least of his problems.

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Mike Johnson, former detective and current Assistant DA, has fallen into a comfortable rut, but the murder of a friend in prison is going to turn his life upside down.


Jim Lang is a corporate bureaucrat lost in empty time where life has little meaning beyond daily drudgery when he is set up to take the blame for international industrial espionage, stock fraud and murder.


Racism, blackmail, revenge, and greed are the ingredients in a boiling, murderous stew threatening to cook Mike Johnson’s goose after he gets involved by doing a favor for a little old lady.


Some sins stain not just the soul but the bloodline.


Jack Decker thought life sucked when he went broke, but that was before bombs and bullets started coming his way.


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