Lindsay Townsend

Lindsay Townsend is fascinated by ancient world and medieval history and writes historical romance covering these periods. She also enjoys thrillers and writes both historical and contemporary romantic suspense. When not writing, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening, reading and taking long, languid baths – possibly with chocolate.
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Stand Alone Stories

Historical Fantasy Romance


Prince Orlando has found Sleeping Beauty...
but can his love break the enchantment of her sleep?



Historical Romance


She has twelve days to win his heart.

He has twelve nights
and twelve kisses to prove his love.


 SERIES:  A Widow of Bath Mystery

Historical Mystery

Book 1


In the spring of 1386 trouble is brewing,
murderous trouble…



Book 2

A Taste of Evil


Alyson is on trial for her life for the murder of her fourth husband and she has many enemies.


Historical Romance


Together, can their love defy the world?
At Midsummer all things are possible…




The Lord and Eleanor

Historical Romance

Their love crosses and breaks all bounds but can it survive rivalry and danger?



The Amorous Chatelaine

Historical Romance

Robert is a landless knight, Emma a widowed chatelaine—can their love overcome such a gulf?

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