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J.D. Waye/Dianne Waye (2)

J. D. Waye has been telling scary stories since she was a kid—and she still loves creating them. Several years ago she returned to writing fiction, never forgetting that dark side of human nature—the place where superstition, fear, and reality mix.


New Adult Paranormal Romance
Inner Demons
The Shadow People: Book 1

When a burned-out genius encounters a mysterious foreign exchange student, neither is prepared for a complicated tango of seduction.



The Shadow People: Book 2

Nigel takes a job on a remote research station to escape his problems, but trouble finds him wherever he goes.


Dark Ambitions

The Shadow People: Book 3

A new recruit’s monster-hunting job threatens not only his life and sanity, but the lives of everyone he loves.

The Harvesters
Young Adult Sci-Fi

Ethan has to put aside his problems—and everyone else’s—in his battle to save the human race from extinction.


The Persnickety Princess

Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Two mismatched royals encounter many misadventures when they try to undo the love spell binding them together.









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