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The Sword of Reckoning

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Author: Lea Schizas

A fatal judgment call from the past comes back to haunt the now prestigious Detective Savannah Flowers, unmasking long-forgotten memories, and quickly realizing her deadliest enemy may be someone closest to her.

An event from fifteen years ago pushed Savannah to pursue a career as a homicide detective. A current case now stirs that horrific night to the surface, with all mounting evidence pointing it has something to do with her. Teetering solely on intuition, she pushes to discover answers to the multitude of unanswered questions.

Her unknown saving grace is Greek demigod, Leonidas Laskos, who has been protecting her from afar for his own selfish reasons, staying out of view, knowing the grave consequences to be handed down by Michael the Archangel if he dares involve himself and mistakenly helps Savannah remember who she truly is.

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The Sword of Reckoning

An A.L.P. Legacy Novel: Book 1

Paranormal Romance

by Lea Schizas

Ebook ISBN 978-1-77392-056-6

Print ISBN 978-1-77392-066-5

Ebook price 6.99

Print price 12.99

Tags: angels, demons, vampires, soul mates, werewolves, magic


A clap of thunder and several veils of lightning bolts nearby lit the velvet-black skies.

Great. Why not? Murderous psycho mingled with a rainstorm, of course!

A guttural sound from below forced a glance down. Her jaw slackened. Menacing, stone-cold red eyes on pasty white skin stared up. His mouth quirked upward and then, with an incredible speed, climbed, long talon-like fingers clawing into the trunk for support.

Confusion reigned over her senses. “What the fuck are you?”

“I’ve been looking for you,” rasped the red-eyed creep—A.K.A. the Samaritan asked to drive them home—from a branch below her. Blood dribbled from his mouth and more oozed out when he licked his lips.

Savannah braced for the inevitable. Fists clenched, knuckles turned white, ready to strike. Back pressed hard against the bark, thoughts to jump down and take a chance jumbled through a frazzled brain. I’m bloody toast either way.

Darkness all around became more heinous as a shadow passed overhead.

As claw-like fingers reached upward, something flew out of the sky and grabbed the almost-assailant, tossing him off the tree. Swallowing dread, she dared a peek below. The world ground to a stop. A fight so fast moving she couldn’t grasp what was happening. Once adjusted to their movement, she noticed Freakzoid with the red eyes crouched low, growling, while Savior-who-appeared-out-of-nowhere-in-a-black-coat stood several feet in front of him holding a sword. He laughed, taunting the creature/man to attack. If she had to guess, she’d vow Freakzoid just met his nemesis.

A shuddering roar later, Freakzoid pressed both hands on the ground and charged.

Within a blink of an eye, Savior-whatever’s muscular form raised his sword, slicing it through the empty air several times. For a moment, she lost sight of him until he suddenly materialized behind Freaky Dude, and…


The sound of crunching, bones splintering, and a god-awful banshee-like screech erupted. Freakzoid’s head bounced away and hit the base of the tree. Her stomach lurched. Heart slammed against a heaving chest. The world tilted as she fumbled forward, free-falling.

The last thing heard before everything turned black was a male’s voice saying, “I gotcha, love.”


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