Every Leap Year, I celebrate my real birthday. Every time, it’s a near-death experience. Apparently, it’s my destiny. Destiny sucks.
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Author: Lisa Forget


A Short Story by Lisa Forget

Genre: Young Adult Romantic Fantasy

Release: February 24, 2012

Editor: Christine I. Speakman

Line editor: Ellee Braun

Cover Designer: Charlotte Volnek

Words: 8520

Pages: 36

ISBN: 978-1-927361-95-5

Price: $2.50

Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, End of the World, Aliens, Fate of the World, Rite of Passage, Sweet Sixteen, Leap Year, Leaper, Leapling

Back Cover:

Fifteen-year-old Evey Jones is a Leapling — born on the leap day in a leap year. As she approaches her sixteenth birthday, she fills her journal with the strange and deadly things that have happened to her every February 29th, including her encounter with a Shadow, a terrifying creature haunting her dreams since she was a little girl. As she faces her fears, Evey finally finds out why she’s been plagued with near-death experiences every Leap Year, and discovers the role she's expected to play when an alien race puts into action their plan for the birth of a whole new world on Earth — that is, if she’ll except her destiny and Adam, the alien prince who comes along with the deal.


I awoke disoriented and in a fit of panic, too afraid to get out of bed, even with my tummy growling from the mouth-watering aroma of lasagna and warm bread, my favorites, wafting up from the kitchen.

“Come on down, birthday girl,” my mother called from the bottom of the stairs. “Gran’s here.”

It was all I needed to hear. The cavalry had arrived. My grandmother had the power to make everything right. I bolted out of bed, jammed my feet into my slippers, and raced down the stairs.

“There’s my favorite granddaughter,” Gran said, greeting me with a great big hug and a large bag filled with presents.

“I’m your only granddaughter,” I replied, beaming.

Gran radiated sunshine, and as she held me, she warmed me to the core. For a few hours, I didn’t think about the lurking Shadows, the haunting nightmares, or my fear that something was wrong with me. The love surrounding me melted all of those worries away.

Then Gran left, and night fell.

About the Author:

A singer and entertainer by profession, Lisa loves writing paranormal, dark, romantic and young adult fiction as an extension of her creative expression.


In November 2011 "Deathly Quiet" her short dark fiction story was published by MuseItUp Publishing and four of her flash fiction pieces, "Reclaimed", "Thief", "The Whispers" and "Ascension" were published in Pill Hill Press' Daily Flash 2012 (The Leap Year Edition) anthology.


A proud and active member of author Kelley Armstrong's online writing group and an InkBabe at Bleeding Ink, Lisa is working on several full-length manuscripts and enjoying every minute of the creative process!


Tuesday, 03 September 2013
Lisa Forget has created a story that chronicles the days most of us do not usually give a second, let alone third or fourth thought to...Children born on February 29th...People called LEAPLINGS.

In this tale, Ms. Forget allows us to hitch hike through the life of one Leapling, via her diary as she details the events surrounding her near-fatal birth onwards. Every four years, as her ACTUAL birthday comes around, her diary documents near-fatal accidents.

Haunted by dreams of terrible things, she fears for her future...until...on the brink of her sixteenth birthday...

This is a brilliantly contrived Romantic Fantasy short that introduces concepts many of us who look into the skies at all the zillions of stars and KNOW deep in our marrow, we are not alone, already believe in.

LEAPLING...FIVE STARS for creativity, warmth, and not so much Science Fiction as Science Probability.

Well Done, Ms. Forget!

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