Frequently Asked Questions:



How can I contact one of my favorite authors?

On each author's bio page if they have a website, blog, or contact info, you'll find it in there.


Do you accept multiple submissions?

Yes, but please let us know in your cover letter if another publisher is considering your work.


I have more than one manuscript. Can I send more than one?

Yes, but please use the guidelines and send each one separately.


Do you accept First Person Point of View manuscripts?



My manuscript is not completed yet, can I send you a query?

No, please send us a completed and edited manuscript. We cannot accept nor consider a yet-to-be-finished book. If, however, you are one of our contracted authors we will consider a partial.


Do you accept books from multiple authors?

We only accept submissions of manuscripts written by one or two writers currently.


How long until you respond to a query?

You will get a response within a week acknowledging receipt of your manuscript. An acceptance or rejection will come no later than 16 - 18 weeks, depending on submissions received.


Do I need an agent to submit?

No, an agent is not necessary to submit to us.


Do you charge fees to authors to be published?

Never. We are a royalty paying publisher and do NOT charge our authors.


Do I have to be a published author to submit to you?

No, we accept submissions from new and seasoned writers from around the world.


Will my book go into print?

We are an e-publishing house, however, we do publish some titles in print. Our goals are to expand into the e-publishing market and help promote our authors by seeking out new readers.


How often do you pay royalty?

We’ll issue royalty once a book has earned $20. If not, then it rolls over to the next quarter and added.


What do you offer authors?

Our contract asks for 3 years exclusive worldwide English rights to produce, publish, and sell the Work in electronic rights.


Can I supply my own cover art?

No. In order to maintain a uniformed look to our books we provide all cover art.


Will my book be edited?

Yes. All of our books will go through several edits until it’s ready to be published.


What happens if you go bankrupt or close shop?

Well, we have no intention of either of those things happening but life has a way of hitting you in the gut at times. IF this ever happens all rights revert back to the author.


What e-book formats will you be selling?

We offer all four formats to our buyers: PDF, PRC, HTML, EPUB


Do you provide review copies?

Yes, we will provide a PDF review copy to our authors to offer to reviewers.


Why should I publish with you?

Great question and I won't even go into the usual response about providing a family atmosphere, a home, and a dedication to our authors; these are given statements that all publishers should offer. I'll be open and honest that we are a new publishing house with dreams and inspirations to offer our authors a place where they can help one another with promotions besides the marketing we will do for them. It's hard in this business to get a good start but we aim to do just that. Each year I offer a FREE online writers conference, The Muse Online Writers Conference, and invite writers, editors, publishers, and agents to workshop for a week. I mention this to show you that the dedication to authors began before this publishing house came about, and the same dedication will be offered to the authors of MuseItUp Publishing.


How do we contact you?

For submissions: musesubs AT gmail DOT com

To contact the publisher: publisher AT museituppublishing DOT com

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