Gods' Stones: Dark Jewel

Lenna must trade sacred Gods’ Stones to save her kidnapped family until stopped by a Terentian Warrior who claims her.
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Author: Alix Richards

Gods' Stones: Dark Jewel

by Alix Richards

Genre Paranormal Erotic Romance

Tags erotic, romance, paranormal, fantasy, Twin Flames,

Release September 5, 2014

Content Editor Susan Davis

Line Editor Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer Shirley Burnett

Words 9288

Pages 44

ISBN 978-1-77127-577-4

Price $2.50

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A small squeak escaped Lenna. She straightened and stepped back to the window, mouth agape, eyes nearly bulging. At the last moment, she swung away. No, the Ancient Gods wouldn’t be that cruel. Not now.

Ridge’s throat worked as his gaze filled with Lenna. Her back was to him and ramrod straight. The black glass of the window reflected her startled expression.

She was beautiful.

Lenna Manchester, a Hawaiian hybrid, will do anything to save her kidnapped family members, even trade sacred Gods’ Stones, going against the Hybrid Council’s laws.

Ridge Silverthorne, a Purebred and highly trained Terentian Warrior, has a mission to capture and confine Lenna for ties to illegal activities.

Once Ridge confines Lenna, their true natures take over, leaving them both defenseless against the other…

Oh dear gods, not that. Please, don’t let it be that…anything but…that.


“We wouldn’t be here if you’d have stayed in the truck instead of bolting at the first sign of danger.”

Kalenna huffed. She folded her arms over her chest and her eyes blazed fury. If looks could kill, he’d be dead, buried, and dust.

Ridge’s fingers dug into his hips. He didn’t know what the woman was involved in, but it had caught the attention of the deities as well as those who hunted their kind. And he wasn’t talking about humans. He could handle mortals, but the creatures who took out the engine of his truck weren’t either. Nor were they the good guys.

“I’m not used to being shot at,” Kalenna mumbled in defense.

“I realize that.” He sighed and forced his body to relax, something it didn’t want to do. What was wrong with him? He never had trouble with assignments before. “Why are they after you to begin with?”

He’d asked that earlier, she had refused to answer. Would she ever trust him?

“I—can’t—just do what you will.” Her frame sagged as if she’d lost all fight, or the weight of the world rested solely upon her shoulders. Her voice dropped in octaves, making him use his animal hearing to catch the vocals. “It’s not like anyone will believe me anyway.”

Kalenna moved away from him and back to the small window that looked out into the swirling white. Ridge cocked his head. What in the hell was she talking about?

A small part of him wanted to latch onto her admission, while the other wanted to get safely to Baja, where they’d board a plane bound for Calanthia.

And he would be closer to heading back to the Northern Pacific Coast, his assigned area.

The way she laid her head against the window frame made Ridge want to comfort her. Yet, he remained stiff and unyielding, standing where he was.

Ciel didn’t call out warriors for no reason. The immortal said “illegal activities,” which meant she’s in league with outlaws of their kind. The one thing he knew for certain, Kalenna wasn’t involved with the group hunting them now. They were out for blood.

What had she gotten herself into?

“Why don’t you let me decide if I believe you or not?” Ridge swallowed the relenting sigh. He really didn’t like what this female did to his insides. He didn’t act this way. Ever.

Her head turned, moisture glistened in the corner of her pale, strange-hued eyes. The sight was like a punch in the gut. He fisted his hands to keep them under control. They wanted to soothe her with or without him.

* * * *

Kalenna “Lenna” Manchester’s heart thundered in her breast. Could she trust him?

He’d taken her from her hometown and refused to acknowledge it was kidnapping, even if it was for protection.

She couldn’t bring herself to confirm she needed him to take this mess off her hands. That there was some part of her that trusted him without question, explicitly. Where that revelation came from she didn’t know, just that it was there.

In her heart…her soul.

Her vision blurred with moisture as she glanced over her shoulder to where he stood. Was it possible the Ancient Gods had sent him to save her family from the heinous crime they were about to commit? They’d prayed to the deities in hopes of assistance.

Gods’ Stones were living beings. It’s against the law to buy or sell the gems.

She inhaled as deeply as she could, held it before releasing it in a slow whoosh. Once she took this step there was no going back, the damage would be done. Whether good or bad.

“On All Hallows’ Eve my cousin and her teenage daughter were kidnapped.” Lenna forced her eyes to remain open. Ridge was a hybrid. He could tell if she lied. “Her sisters were made aware of the crime the following morning when the kidnappers called. They said to gather amulet-sized Gods’ Stones and meet them in Las Vegas for the exchange. Unfortunately, even with all the gems within our family, we don’t have the amount they demanded or the size. They gave us two weeks.”

She wrapped her arms around her midsection, hoping to stem the quakes. It didn’t work.

“Uh…” Ridge’s mouth opened and closed a couple times. Stunned shock reflected on his handsome features. “You know that’s illegal.”

Lenna’s eyes narrowed; of course, she knew their actions were criminal.

She blinked and quickly swiped at the tears in her eyes. Biting her lip, she fisted her hands in an attempt to control their shaking. What had she done? She knew who Ridge was, or rather what he did for their kind. A Terentian Warrior, appointed via the Hybrid Council to watch over hybrids spread throughout the world. Sometimes they served as officers of the laws set down by the Living Goddess and Delphian Prince.

Concerning her and her cousins, he was an officer, because they were breaking the law. Lenna swallowed to ease the building tension, the lump grew.

“I know it’s illegal, but what else were we supposed to do?” She bracketed her hand across her forehead, closed her eyes, and bit back a sob. “For most people, Terentians aren’t real. They don’t watch over us outside Calanthia. They aren’t real!”

Turning, she rushed toward him as anger and terror flashed through her body. “You ever wonder why you’re sent after people instead of allowed to remain within your assigned area?” She ground her teeth against the fury that continued to build. “Because people don’t believe you exist. They think they’re on their own in a world controlled by humans. That unless they move to Calanthia they aren’t protected.” Head back, she stood strong and firm in front of him, and then glared up at Ridge. Her eyes narrowed as they heated, warning her animals neared the surface. Her lips thinned. “We are on our own.”



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