Embracing Love Within Lust

Can Shyla's great love for Brandon survive yet another lovely one night stand?
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Author: Thomas Briar

Shyla, a beautiful and successful twenty-five-year-old financial analyst, is meeting Brandon, the president of a prestigious financial institute, at a posh Palm Beach hotel for yet another night of sizzling sex.

But why is Shyla determined to ultimately end the relationship? He hasn't done anything wrong. To the contrary, he's even thoughtful enough to have instigated a wonderful surprise for her on this particular weekend.

And it's a surprise that will prove what an extraordinary future they can have together. If she can only put aside her traditional beliefs of what love is supposed to be to simply embrace it for what it really is.

Title Embracing Love Within Lust
Author Thomas Briar
Genre Erotic Romance Menage
Release February 5, 2016
Length 30 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-778-5
Artist DK Designs
Price $0.99
Tags Interracial, multicultural, African-American heroine, Erotica, Erotic, Romance
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Shyla Reardon sashayed through the hotel's bustling lobby toward the adjoining lounge, leading with ample breasts over a very slim waistline while exaggerating the natural swishing of her voluptuous bubble butt. To epitomize sexiness was paramount tonight, so she ignored the stares of the other guests, hoping they only gawked because she did exude an aura of sensual sexiness in the black and white vinyl mini-dress with black vinyl stockings and five-inch heels.

Yes, in spite of still being single at twenty-five years of age, it couldn't be denied that she'd won the genetic lottery in the beauty category. Thanks to a Caucasian father her eyes were brilliant blue speckled with flecks of gray. From an African-American mother she'd inherited skin that resembled creamy mocha. Other physical blessings were amazing cheekbones on a slender, delicate face, a dainty nose over sensual lips, and a very cute chin. The long, curly black tresses flowing down to her lower back only helped to enhance her feminine glory. But arguably, and rightly so, physical attributes alone, no matter how attractive, could not make anyone sexy by default. Sexy was a state of mind and must be obtained.

Thus, wanting to appear bold and confident, she winked at the middle-aged concierge in passing. His name was Bob, and they shared a secret. Earlier in the afternoon, he'd most graciously given directions to a fetish dress shop. Then, once she returned with the perfect dress and accessories, he'd provided beauticians from the hotel's spa to help her get properly prepared.

Hence, this visit to Bob's posh Palm Beach hotel was turning out to be a most pleasant experience. She'd already decided to give him, the staff, and the hotel a glowing five star review once she returned home to Valdosta, Georgia.

This weekend away in the middle of January was a mini-vacation for her. Back home she was a successful financial analyst, a loving daughter to wonderful parents, a stalwart confidant to no less than four dear friends, and a very practical woman. Yet, as rewarding as real life was, here in Palm Beach, she could be anyone she wanted to be.

Six months ago, quite by accident, she'd stumbled upon the freedom of taking mini-vacations to explore her sexuality while attending a week long seminar for global economists in Atlanta. On the last day of the seminar a very handsome man had mistaken her for someone else. After correcting him, it’d surprised her when he promptly asked her to spend the weekend with him, no strings attached.

Finding his good looks, confidence, and masculine magnetism irresistible, she'd said yes and they enjoyed a weekend of mind-blowing multiple-orgasm-induced oblivion. To this day, they still kept in touch. As a matter of fact, he'd sent an email last week suggesting this free-for-all sexual weekend with fetish elements and she'd jumped right on board without the least hesitation, even though she was a complete stranger to fetishism.

Indeed, this was a first attempt at wearing vinyl. So she couldn't help having scrutinized the experience thus far. First impression of vinyl: it was very aromatic, like new rubber. Second impression: although stretchy, it proved difficult to get on, even with additional help and a generous application of silicon lube. Third impression: it fit like a second layer of skin. Fourth impression: the garment trapped body heat to make it extremely hot. Fifth impression: wearing it in public exhibition threatened to make her wet.











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