Into Darkness Box Set

Mike and Maggie encounter another headless horseman and are called to bring history back into line, risking lives…and love.
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Author: Richard Burns
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Into Darkness Box Set contains:
Into Darkness Eternal, Into Darkness Again, Into Darkness Once More
by Richard Burns
Genre Paranormal Erotic Romance Suspense with historical military backdrop
Tags Erotic Romance, Suspense-Thriller, Historical, Military History, Time Travel, Civil War, Alternate History
Release November 20, 2015
Pages 160
ISBN 978-1-77127-768-6
Price $4.99

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Mike and Maggie’s bond was forged at West Point in a timeless fight against evil, and tempered in the firestorm of the American Revolution.

Then a relaxing road trip a Christmas leads them to another headless horseman, and threatens their bond, their love, and their very lives.

Three times lucky may be a charm, but Mike and Maggie both know what happens when you meddle with history. Will the Civil War be the end of them?


Every few seconds, the air was thick with flying minie balls and bullets. Branches fell all around us as we plowed through the woods. We constantly zigzagged, trying to be the most difficult targets. I was gasping, arms flailing, running on clumsy, rubbery legs in a barely-controlled panic.

Then I stumbled—collapsed was more accurate. I couldn’t run any farther. My lungs were convulsing, unable to draw in air fast enough to supply my body’s needs. My arms were strings, while my legs were rubber bands.

Mike heard me stumble, and ran back to where I’d fallen, dropping beside me just as the rebels on Wayne’s Hill fired another volley. The ground surrounding us erupted in snow as minie balls slammed into the earth.

“Are you okay?” Mike gasped.

In between a choke and a heave, I said, “Sure…” —gasp— “…I’m just…taking in…” —gasp— “…taking in the morning…” —gasp— “…you know? Enjoying the day…” Now that I’d had a few breaths, my confidence was back.

“I know you’re tired, Maggie, but we’re close,” he said, tilting his head toward the bridge fifty meters away.

“Who’s tired?” I quipped. At that moment, snow geysers erupted all around us as the firing line advanced down the hill. I was now properly motivated again.

“Race you to the bridge?” Mike asked.

I knew he was just trying to spur me on, but before he finished, I was already pushing myself up. He took my arm and we hurled ourselves toward that bridge.




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