Dark Desire

Desire is the gem of love, can Kaimana accept what Lysander has to offer?
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Author: Alix Richards

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Dark Desire

by Alix Richards

Gods' Stones Series

Genre  Paranormal Erotic Romance

Tags  erotic, romance, short, Wild Darkness Calls, series, Twin Flames, Gods’ Stones, paranormal, fantasy,

Release May 1, 2015

Editor Susan Davis

Line Editor Lea Schizas

Cover Designer Cora Graphics

Words 10964

Pages 50

ISBN 978-1-77127-718-1

Price $2.50

Back Cover

She watched the play of muscle bunch across his back as he stretched. The morning sun glinted off the iridescent amulet he wore on a leather thong around his neck. She ignored the heat spreading through her body. It was the stone she was after, not a quick roll in the hay.

Slip the gem over his head and leave. That was Kaimana Manchester’s plan to save her sister and niece. However, that wasn’t what nature desired.

“It is possible, but you are like your cousins, not sitting still for longer than a second at a time. Stubborn and forever on the move.” Familiar female vocals caressed the walls of his mind.

Lysander Saxony-de Leon knew this day would come. Prepared or not, what transpired shook him to his core and threatened his control.

Immortals viewed the world differently than everyone else. Faced with choices and threats, they don’t cower and back away. What transpires between Lysander and Kaimana is just the beginning. Can Lysander keep his promise to save Kaimana’s family? If he does, peace and love is his unconditionally.



He tried again to connect with her mind. He wanted to read what was there. Why was she interested in a gemstone that appeared to be a fire opal?
Something was there; it’s also blocked. Another little tidbit full-blooded humans and most hybrids didn’t possess. Hmmm?
“I was traveling, sightseeing. Working my way to Canada.” Lysander grinned and settled back in the chair. “This time I happened to find myself on the wrong side of a bad engine. I didn’t want to wait for it to be fixed, I hitched. Hence you found me.”
“I wasn’t planning to head that far north.” Her eyes shifted color with those words. His narrowed as he pinned her pupils for what they actually looked like, animal. “I’m supposed to avoid snow, not head toward it.”
“No worries, I’ll hitch another ride.” Lysander dropped his chin to his chest and let his eyelids droop, making it appear as if he wasn’t paying attention to her.
He wanted Kaimana to let her guard down. He didn’t know what it was about her, but there was something. Now he wished he’d listened to what Tarrinaysa taught concerning Twin Flames and what surrounded them. He groaned under his breath.
What had Ciel talked him into?




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