Eternally Yours

What sacrifices are BFF Cassandra James and Paige Matteson willing to make for love?
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Author: Maxine Douglas


Cassandra Jameson and her best friend, Paige Matteson, have opened a store in an ancient part of town called Eternal Pleasures. Cassandra is obsessed with pleasuring herself as no man has ever been able to accomplish, and finds herself an old, tattered book of erotic Victorian tales. She becomes obsessed with a male character which appears in each of the stories she reads and begins to fantasize about him.


Garrett Alexander lived his life performing the teachings of pleasures of the body hundreds of years before. His shop Eternal Pleasures was located in the very same spot that the new Eternal Pleasures has now opened. Having heard the siren call of CJ, Garrett finds he cannot resist the burning desire to pleasure her as no mortal man has ever done before.


Paige Matteson has some promises to fulfill to her best friend…and herself. The mysterious Russell Canterbury may just be the one to take her into a world of sex she’d thought impossible. But Russell has other ideas. He’s travelled hundreds of years to seek revenge of CJ for the death of his dear friend, Garrett. Or is it jealousy that spurs him now that Garrett has found peace instead of walking in the shadows of the undead for centuries? What sacrifices are they willing to make for love?

Eternally Yours
by Maxine Douglas
Tags  Paranormal, Time Travel, Magic, Vampires, Living Dead, Erotic Romance
Genre Erotic Paranormal Time Travel Romance
Release July 10, 2015
Cover Designer Cora Graphics
Words 49299
Pages 192
ISBN 978-1-77127-734-1
Price $5.50

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A deep sigh, sounding like a hot whoosh of heat, sent goose bumps up Cassandra’s legs. “CJ, you must try to understand…”

He sounded as confused as she felt but it didn’t explain why he had her in restraints. She tugged at her bonds. “I’m not listening to a word you say until you let me go and turn on the lights. I don’t like this sexual fantasy anymore, you need to try another.”

“You’re right, of course. A gentleman wouldn’t leave you in the dark.” The sound of a match against the sole of a boot reached Cassandra’s ears a moment before the light of a lantern filled the room with a soft glow, disgruntled that he made no move to release her. In the lantern glow she narrowed her eyes at him. Then she looked past him to the wardrobe now standing against the wall, and old fashioned floral wallpaper. So it was her room but a few centuries back. Boy, she’d really flipped. But he wasn’t making any move to release her. She still lay naked, tied spread eagle, exposed in front of him, totally helpless and not in control of the situation.

Something about his eyes held her attention. Ice blue in color, they were both warm and cold at the same time. They sent both a shiver and a wave of heat through her, sending mixed signals to her body.

“You may want to hold onto your gratitude. I’m not sure if, or when, I’ll set you free.” He took a seat in the corner chair, folding his arms across his chest.

“Haven’t you done enough damage to my ego as it is? You’ve won, can’t you get that through your head?” She flexed her butt muscles, shifting her bottom slightly under the wool blanket. It was warm and itchy….

“Great! Another day for couples meant for the unattached to sulk in self-pity for twenty-four hours. Thanks, CJ.” Slicing open the first box, Paige pulled the packaging material out to reveal its contents. If there was anything to do with love and cupid in the damn box, she was going to throw the entire shipment in the garbage bin out back.

“Of course, just what I need, a carton full of 52 Weeks of Passionate Sex Kits to further remind me how incapable I am of having one night of passion let alone fifty-two weeks!” Paige bent over, pulling the first kit out and reading the description of its contents. “Ideas for risqué quickies and workday teasers…teasing feather…silken blindfold?” Shaking her head in wonderment, “Why would anyone want a feather and a blindfold?”

“Bend over like that again, and I’ll give you a number of reasons for using a blindfold.”

“Oh,” Paige gasped, dropping the sex kit on the floor as the oh-so familiar warm male voice washed over her. She spun around, falling off balance and twisting an ankle. Bracing to meet the floor, she felt herself righted. Looking up, Paige fell heart first into the warm brown eyes of Dr. Russell Canterbury.

Holy shit! The man ought to wear danger signs. When the heck did he walk in? The sexiest man on the face of the Earth held Paige close to him, smelling like all-spice…warm and inviting…and she melted like Jell-O before him.

Where had he been for the past year? She’d thought of him continuously, never imagining she’d see him again. Paige could feel the blood pulsing through his veins, ending at the bulge of his manhood resting against a thigh less than an inch above the hem of the sinful dress. She ached for what she didn’t exactly know, but was fairly sure he could teach her. His tempting male bulge sent a wave of heat rushing through her body,…



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