The Penitent

Eighteen-year-olds Mark and Felicia try to celebrate Christmas alone at her parents’ party. What could go wrong?
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Author: Mark Casigh

The Penitent

by Mark Casigh

Genre  Holiday Interracial Erotica Romance

Tags  Interracial sex, secret sex, Christmas party, coming of age,

Release  December 9, 2014

Editor Nicole Zoltack

Cover Designer Cora Graphics

Words 6742

Pages 47

ISBN 978-1-77127-657-3

Price $2.50

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All eighteen-year-old Mark wants is to be able to spend some alone time with Felicia. They aren't exactly girlfriend/boyfriend—their relationship isn't exactly accepted everywhere since he's white and she's black. Mark doesn't care, and neither does she, and to his relief, when he comes over for Christmas, her parents don't either.

But with so many relatives over, finding time for each other isn't exactly easy, but they will find a way. Growing up a Catholic means that Mark knows premarital sex is wrong, leaving him to wonder if absolution is what he really wants and what exactly love is.


Gradually, my hand was sliding up her taunt, exquisite thigh, farther underneath her skirt. Every few inches, I would always look to Felicia, as though in conversation, and she would always cut me a sideways glance. She never removed my hand or gave me any indication that she wanted me to stop.
When my hand touched the top of her thigh, my fingers rubbing the lace of her panties, she covered my hand with hers, as if to say, “No farther.”
That was okay, for about three minutes.




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