It's Always Darkest

Gisele rescued a stranger who’d been beaten and left for dead, and now whoever did it is coming for her.
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Author: Sybil Rush

It's Always Darkest

by Sybil Rush

Imprint Wild Darkness Calls

Genre Erotic Suspense Romance

Tags erotica, romance, suspense, on the run, hunted, mystery

Release February 20.2015

Editor Susan Davis

Line Editor Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer Cora Graphics

Words 7460

Pages 31

ISBN 978-1-77127-686-3

Price $2.50

Back Cover

Gisele is driving home during a storm and sees something suspicious lying on the shoulder of the Interstate. It turns out to be a man, tall, handsome, and covered with cuts and bruises.

Someone tried to kill him, left him for dead, and he’s not telling Gisele why.

If she had any sense, she’d leave this strange man to his fate.

But she can’t deny her uncontrollable attraction to this secretive, irresistible stranger. She takes him home, aware her life is at risk, and she’s somehow more aroused because of the danger…especially when it strikes for real.


They made it to Amarillo before fatigue hit Gisele like an oncoming 18-wheeler. She pulled over at two hotels, but neither had vacancies. At the third, the clerk said, “You’re in luck. We’ve got one room left, but it only has one queen bed.”

“I’ll take it.”

In the hotel room, an awkward silence fell. Mark showered. Gisele showered. She put on pink sweat pants. She slipped on a lacy white camisole without a bra and checked herself out in the mirror above the sink as she brushed her teeth. Her perky nipples showed through the sheer fabric. She pulled the neckline down to show even more cleavage. I want him. Is it too obvious? I don’t care.

When she came out of the bathroom, Mark was sitting on the bed, the towel from his shower still wrapped around his waist. He turned toward her and his eyes lit up with desire.

“I hope this doesn’t sound wrong, but you look beautiful.”

She laughed and her face grew warm. “Now I’m embarrassed. Wet hair. No makeup.”

“You don’t need all that stuff. You’re so fresh and clean.”

She stood in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders. He wrapped his hands around the backs of her thighs and gently pulled her closer. He pressed his face against her stomach and breathed in deeply. His hair was short and dark, still damp from the shower. She ran her fingers through the wavy locks.

Are they looking for him right now? The thought went through her like an electric shock. Somehow she hadn’t thought of it all day, while they were driving, moving, while it was daylight. But now it was night. The big hotel window seemed thin and fragile behind its curtains. She imagined the darkness outside, the parking lot filled with cars, the strangers in the rooms all around them, and the huge, dark, blue-black sky above. She shook her head.

I’m just being silly. We’ve driven more than a thousand miles. We could be anywhere. There’s no way they could track him here.

Still, she could sense it, or thought she could. A bad man, or men, searching, wanting to hurt Mark, or, if they found the two of them together... The thought made her...wet. She was confused. Her mind said to run, leave Mark in the hotel room, get back in her truck, and drive away. She’d done enough already. His problems, whatever they were, had nothing to do with her. He wouldn’t even tell her anything about his life, and why not? Was it because he was involved in some criminal operation, some deal gone bad? Why else would people try to kill him? Why else wouldn’t he go to the police?

But while all these thoughts streamed through her head at light speed, her body was screaming, “Touch me.”

Mark lifted his face away from her stomach and looked up into her eyes. He let go of her and lay back.

Gisele crawled onto the bed, straddling him. She bent and kissed his chin —stubbly. He didn’t have a razor. She kissed his lower lip, softly, but he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her whole body down against him.



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