My Secret Santa

Kaisha has a problem...she needs to figure out who from the three men in her life: boyfriend, ex, or boy next door, is blindfolding and pleasuring her at night...then again, does it matter?
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Author: Mark Casigh
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Title My Secret Santa
Author Mark Casigh
Genre Erotica
Tags erotica romance, short 'n spicy, f/f, blindfold,
Release December 18, 2015
Pages 38
ISBN 978-1-77127-771-6
Price $2.99

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Kaisha has a problem…

Blindfolded and brought to numerous orgasms during a period of several nights while back home for the holidays, she needs to figure out who her Secret Santa pleasuring her is before Christmas. Could be her new boyfriend, an ex, or the boy next door.

Then again…does it matter?


I came so hard it seemed to envelope me, almost crushing me. I found my fingers tearing at the muscles on his arms, my heels digging into his ass, ankles crossed, locking him into place. I cried and his hand covered my mouth, then quickly replaced it with his mouth, this muffled my joyous cries and pathetic whimpering, as my body continued to quake and shutter with aftershocks. His hips continued to thrust his large semi hard cock inside of me, prolonging the most precious moment I’d had in years. This made for the most delicious post coital bliss.

Unfortunately, it was way too short. He pushed himself up and I could hear him righting his clothes and I attempted to lift the eyeshade.

“No no no no no no no, nonononoooo… No, baby, don’t do that. Just go back to sleep and Merry Christmas.”

I choked out in confusion, “Who are you?”

“I’m Santa Claus.”



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