Office Politics

Everyone thinks the new boss is a bitch, but she seems to have a soft spot for Dan.
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Author: SJ Smith
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Office Politics
by SJ Smith
Genre Short 'N Spicy Erotica
Release November 6, 2015
Tags Adult content, erotica, contemporary
Editor Sharon Pickrel
Line Editor Lea Schizas
Cover Designer Suzannah Safi
Pages 17
ISBN 978-1-77127-759-4
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The new boss, Ms Breeze, has brought down a reign of terror on the office, but behind closed doors she has an unusual way of motivating her staff.


Dan reached the door to Ms. Breeze’s office and paused to take a breath, before rapping sharply three times on the opaque glass panel and waiting to be summoned inside. She kept him waiting of course—she left all her victims to dangle for a while before she closed in for the kill.



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