Prairie Muse

What will happen when a frustrated artist plagued by personal demons encounters his personal Muse?
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Author: SS Hampton, Sr.

The fireworks are about to begin as the sexual adventure of Rachel and Burt Markham continues.

Small business owners and happily married couple of 20+ years, they live in the small town of Four Corners, Kansas. The year before, with the permission and encouragement of

her husband, Rachel had the freedom to explore the depth of her sensuality through having her first Bull. After saying farewell to her Bull, Rachel and Burt settle back into the

routine of small town life.

African-American frustrated artist and new fireworks territory sales manager, Horus Grant, arrives in Four Corners. He is searching for new sales territory for the Missouri-based company and wants to open a fireworks stand next to Rachel and Burt’s seed and feed store. Outwardly friendly and personable, he is plagued by hidden demons. Though based in near-by Wichita, Horus finds himself returning to Four Corners again and again, and not because of the fireworks stand. Rachel is also drawn to him and soon realizes she may hold the key to Horus’s slim chance of defeating his demons, of healing, and learning to live again.

Title Prairie Muse
Author SS Hampton, Sr.
Genre Literary Erotic Romance
Release July 17, 2017
Designer DKS Designs
ISBN 978-1-77127-930-7
Length 331 pages
Price $5.99
Tags Interracial, cuckolding, hotwife, bull, cuck hubby, artist, Muse, Vietnam War, Vienna, 4th of July, fireworks, Global War on Terrorism, Afghanistan


Rachel Markham’s exhausted breathing was slow and deep. She lay on her back in the damp bed, sweaty arm draped over her closed eyes, her raised knees shut tight with heels drawn back toward her ass. In the warm, aromatic loft bedroom she listened to “Roses from the South,” an 1880 waltz composed by legendary Vienna-born Johann Strauss II. The waltz was often played by the Vienna Philharmonic at the annual world famous New Year’s Day Concert that was broadcast around the world.

            She heard the rustle of clothing, the ragged sound of a zipper and approaching footsteps muffled by thick carpeting. A deep, unhappy sigh sounded.

            Rachel peeked out from under her arm at the husky, broad shouldered figure standing beside the bed with hands in pockets. Her bull Nate, GentlemanNate, looked down at her with a sad, unhappy frown. His sports jacket hung open and a tie was draped over his shoulder.

            “You sure about this?” he asked in a surprisingly quiet voice. Normally his voice was firm and commanding as he was.

            “We talked about this,” she replied.

            “Yeah, but, are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

            Rachel moved her arm to her forehead.







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