Gift Giving Done Right

Bonnie and Boris, the couple you dream to be.
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Gift Giving Done Right

by Theadora Mitchell

Genre  Erotic Short 'N Spicy

Tags  Sexual dreams, sexual friends, friends with benefits, wife and husband marriage games, loving couple, threesome, Sexy Santas, Hot holiday gifts, Naked holiday gifts,

Series  Bonnie's Escapes

Release  November 18, 2014

Editor  Lea Schizas

Cover Designer Carolina Bensler

Words  5611

Pages 29

ISBN 978-1-77127-631-3

Price $2.50

Back Cover

Meet Bonnie and Boris, the couple you wish you were. Hey, maybe you are them.

Bonnie and Boris are middle age, long time married, parents, your average couple.

Except, I don’t know any average couple who are this sexually confident…confident in their love for each other. Confident enough to jump where angels fear to tiptoe. Then again, who am I to assume what goes on behind closed doors.

This Christmas holiday the gifts are a tad X-rated. Boris has stepped out on a limb, with a little help, to give Bonnie a gift sure to be remembered…again and again.

Ohhhh Santa, you and your elf have been a little naughty.


“Bonnie! Get your tushie over here.”

Yup, that’s Cassie. I have only one friend who would scream tushie into a crowd of business-dressed clones without a care.

“I dropped in to drag you to dinner when Boris told me you were on the train. Here I am and here we’re going.”


“No excuses. We’re going and with Boris’ blessing. Your pup tipped Boris, who tipped the Christmas tree…”


“Hey, no worries, I didn’t see anything broken. Boris said to tell you it was an early Christmas present. He’ll even polish and vacuum the whole downstairs, too.”

“That’s a present? Wait, no I’ll take it as offered. He means well.” Great, both my goofy friend and loveable hubby are keeping me from getting naked. Hope I don’t squish as I walk, feels like a puddle bubbling in my crotch. “Where we going?”

“I thought sushi first, then that new dessert place for warm apple pie. Now get in the car, my girls are freezing.”

Cassie’s girls were Double Ds with a mind of their own. No matter how much she tried taming them, they refused to give up their bounce. Shaking what your mama gave you was their motto.

“Sushi and apple pie?” Sexual references knew no bounds where my mind was concerned with that menu suggestion. “Really, do the two go together?”

“Of course, besides, I need something light. Big plans tonight, wink wink, nudge nudge.” Cassie had us out of the parking lot driving toward the promised sushi and farther away from my craved nakedness.

“I’ll bite…”

“Ohhhh, not too hard now.”

“CASSIE. Behave.” I had to join her giggles. Hmm, think Boris and I will need to rent a movie, too. A girlfriends movie. I’ll admit watching women roam all over each other’s bodies works for me. I know what they’re feeling more than I know what a man feels watching a cock get swallowed. Please, make this a quick dinner.




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