Amarillo Rising

Trapped in a store basement during a thunderstorm, two men succumb to passion in an encounter seared to memory between brilliant lightning flashes.
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Author: Buck Powers
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Amarillo Rising
by Buck Powers
Genre M/M Romance/Mystery
Tags Gay romance/erotica, mystery, culture war, social turmoil
Release June 16, 2015
Editor Val Haley
Cover Designer Cora Graphics
Words 41481
Pages 162
ISBN 978-1-77127-723-5
Price $5.50

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Trapped in a farm supply store basement during a violent thunderstorm, two men succumb to passion in an encounter seared to memory between phantasmagoric lightning flashes. As the storm passes, calm returns for newspaper editor Adam Rendell and his advertising client Dale Lambert—but not for long.
Rendell, a young newspaper editor two years out of college, is out of sync with the ways of Tulia, Texas, population 3,500. Not long after his encounter with Lambert, he publishes a controversial editorial advocating the elimination of federal farm-price supports—anathema to farm country.
The ensuring public relations maelstrom thrusts Rendell and Lambert together a second time.
Critics, displeased by Rendell’s tenure at the paper, organize secret public meetings with Rendell’s boss, publisher Wendell Tally.
During one meeting, Tulia native Lambert, divorced owner of Tulia Feed & Seed Company, steps forward to defend Rendell. Lambert’s support raises eyebrows. Religious zealots led by local minister Rupert Dietz launch a destructive whispering campaign. Charges of “illicit” behavior between Lambert and Rendell dominate café talk, splitting the town into factions.
As the character-assassination campaign intensifies, Dietz’s wife is found dead, and authorities suspect foul play.
Despite the pall surrounding them, Rendell and Lambert’s physical relationship intensifies. Will it evolve into something more?


“You don’t like Adam because you think he’s gay,” Alison said, approaching her mother’s desk. “Isn’t that it?”

Olivia flinched. “Don’t you dare threaten me with that political correctness crap. The day he started at the paper, I asked him point blank what church he attended. He acted like he didn’t hear the question.”

“Some people are private about things like that.”

“I just hope he’s not an atheist. That’s the last thing this town needs—a godless editor.”

“Oh, Mother,” Alison said, rolling her eyes again.

Olivia glowered at her.

Alison loved needling her mother. It was one of her few pleasures these days. Her reasons for doing so were too complex for anyone save a psychologist to unravel. “Are you going to sabotage him? You have a history of that.”

“I’ll give him a few more days to gain his bearings. But if he doesn’t get his act together, the community may demand more drastic measures.”

Alison felt giddy at the thought of trouble brewing. People could say what they wanted about Olivia Pruitt. One thing she was good at was stirring the pot. It would give Alison something to think about during those long hours hooked to the dialysis machine.



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