Dark Southern Decadence: 1834

Southern Decadence takes on a new meaning when being neighborly turns a slave’s life passionately upside down.
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Author: Logan Zachary

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Dark Southern Decadence: 1834

by Logan Zachary

A Wild Darkness Calls story

Genre  M/M Historical Erotica

Tags  Slaves, plantation, Civil War, M/M, Historical,

Release  November 18, 2014

Editor  Susan Davis

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer  Shirley Burnett

Words  5200

Pages  25

ISBN 978-1-77127-621-4

Price  $2.50

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When Samuel Fletcher is invited to Master George’s Plantation for a Southern Decadence party, he was being neighborly. But as the hot, stormy evening rages on, Nate, a slave is being forced to humiliate himself.

Samuel stands up for Nate to the Plantation Master, a shrewd business man. In order to save face, Samuel thinks he is paying to protect Nate, but gets more than he bargained for with a night of pleasure and passion.

Now Samuel and Nate’s lives will never be the same…


This stormy evening there were more men than women in attendance. Master George had planned it this way. He called this his Southern Decadence party, and many of his male guests knew why. His slave trade was strong, and many households preferred his special kind of slave—light-skinned. Now, he wasn’t a young man anymore, so he needed some help to service all of his wenches. If he could get his young male guests to pay for some dark fun on the side, then maybe he’d get the bonus of a light-skinned baby to sell. How could he turn that money away?

He smiled at his clever plan and knew that his wenches were a fertile lot. He whispered into one man’s ear, “Have you seen which one you want tonight?”

The young man flushed and turned his head to the side. “I’ve got my eyes on two special ones.” He smiled and nodded to the two young slaves serving at the first food table.

Master George slapped him on the back. “Then why not take them both? I’ll cut you a deal. They can sandwich you between their naked bodies tonight.”

The man beamed with excitement, his growing erection obvious in his pants.

Master George noticed his guest’s response and counted a lot more dollars in his wallet.

A festive jig played, and the guests laughed and clapped their hands. One lone guest stood in the corner, watching the activities. His handsome face and solid body stood out in the crowd. Blond, blue eyes, cleft chin, and tight fitting clothes, a well developed man.

Master George had invited him to the party last year. He never showed. But tonight Samuel Fletcher, new to the south and the son of a very wealthy eastern shipping tycoon, was here.   Master George hated the Yankee’s thoughts on slavery, but maybe tonight he could sway this young man’s mind. Dark, stormy nights were long and lonely without a companion.

Samuel drank another glass of whiskey as he watched the dancing. His eyes held on someone, but Master George couldn’t figure out which filly the man wanted.

“Master Fletcher, I’m glad you could attend the party this year. I was hoping to introduce you to the new neighbors and see if there was anything I may…procure for you.”

Samuel studied him. “Whatever do you mean?” he asked in his northern twang.

“A man gets lonely and needs someone to keep his bed warm and his needs satisfied.” Master George smiled. “I offer an extra service at these parties, if you know what I mean?” He winked as a female slave came to check on the food table. He grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard, making her nipple pop out of her bodice.

Samuel’s eyes darkened as a frown pulled on his lips.

“If she was to your liking, she could be yours tonight...” He rolled his thumb over his fingers in the sign for money.

Samuel understood and nodded. “I see.”

The female squirmed under George’s grasp and finally was able to pull free as she adjusted her dress. She hurried away without checking on the rest of the food tables. He licked his offending hand. “She’s a sweet one and has never been broke. You could be her first. If you like that?”

Samuel was a handsome blond man with wavy hair. His strong body knew hard work and the golden tone of his skin showed he worked outside all summer long. His arms rippled with muscle, and his tight pants revealed solid legs and a big basket.




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