The Were, The Witch, The Baby

When all that goes bump in the night is real, sometimes the scariest thing is parenthood.
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Author: Virginia Nelson
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The Were, The Witch, The Baby

by Virginia Nelsom

Genre  Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance

Tags  Love, dating, paranormal, magic, werewolves, witch, mythology, comedy

Releasing  October 3, 2014

Editor  Nicole Zoltack

Cover Designer  Nika Dixon

Words  21194

Pages  90

ISBN  978-1-77127-608-5

Price  $3.50

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He was an animal in the sack…

Lyric McAvoy never expected that her one night stand with the irresistible Colin would result in a child.  When it does, she agrees to stay with him to hide from the repercussions that family and friends are sure to rain down on her.  But staying with him only reminds her of the desire he awakened with just a touch on the dance floor.

She cast a spell on his senses…

Colin, packleader of the local werewolves, knows to trust his senses and thinks he is above attachment to any one woman.  But when Lyric sweeps into his life, she makes him suddenly hungry to possess her.  Her claim to be carrying his child, though it seems impossible, makes him determined to protect her and the baby.

But war is breaking out in the paranormal world…

Life as they knew it is imploding around them and someone is trying to turn the previously peaceful inhabitants of the paranormal world into pawns in a deadly battle.  With secrets between them, keeping them apart, the two battle a raging passion while trying to figure out who is killing their people. 


She wanted him. The wave of hunger was more than she could control. More than she wanted to control. Giving into impulse, she flattened both her palms against his chest. Grabbing handfuls of his shirt, she tugged his face down and slanted her lips across his.

Just like the night they’d met, his kiss exploded across her nerves. They might not be sure what to say to each other, but their bodies revealed no such reluctance. A growl, low in his throat, was her only warning before he cupped her ass, spun her and planted her on the counter so he could press between her legs.

Suddenly, the barrier of denim seemed too much. With a whimper, she tugged his shirt over his head and kissed his shoulder, his neck, finally biting down on his ear.

Again, the rumbling noise turned to a growl and he ripped her shirt off.


The primal nature of the move caused a fresh wave of moisture to dampen her panties.

“I can smell your desire,” he whispered.

He hissed out a breath as she grazed her nails down his chest. “I can feel yours.” His desire shimmered around him and dipping her fingers in the raw power intoxicated her.

“We shouldn’t.” He spoke the words while working a fingertip under her bra to toy with her nipple. His hot breath on her skin might be a torment, but in the very best way possible. He represented chocolate drenched sin and she wanted a taste.

“I agree. I’ve decided we should absolutely not have sex again.” Her mouth was busy between words, licking his flesh. Not chocolate, something edgier. Maybe chocolate covered espresso beans with their tempting mix of caffeine high and sweet treat.

“That is exactly what I decided.” He used the elastic like a slingshot, and her bra sailed across the room. His mouth suckled at her sensitive nipples and she mewled out a moan for him.

“You stop,” she demanded, teasing fingers at the line of denim hiding his most interesting bits from view.

“You started it.” His hand cupped her mound.

Grinding into it, she hissed out a breath. Finding her voice, she managed, “In a minute.”

“So long as we’re agreed.”






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