Let's get sweaty.
We’re leisure centre staff, we can do whatever the hell we want.
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Author: SJ Smith

Welcome to Coraton Municipal Leisure Centre. The facilities are outdated, the staff are insane and the customers have all run away.

New employee Alice Timpkins soon finds she has more than first day nerves to cope with; there’s also the wild hedonism, stolen underwear, mystical gurus, ancient prophecies and naked nuns. Whoever thought working in a leisure centre could be quite so interesting?

Title Leisure
Author SJ Smith
Genre Erotic-comedy
Release  June 24, 2016
Designer  DK Designs
Length  220 Pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-809-6
Price  $4.99
Tags  Adult, erotic, humour, contemporary, sports, keep-fit
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Bethan led the way, bustling along with her elbows out, through a door marked staff only and up a flight of threadbare stairs. The upper level was every bit as depressing as the lower, all faded paint, peeling wallpaper and grubby, sticky floors. She came to an abrupt halt next to a faded grey door, span on her heels and pointed at a sign which read Bethan Roberts—Ass Manager.
“I’d just like to point out that I’m actually the assistant manager, and definitely not any kind of ‘ass’ manager,” Bethan sneered.
Alice almost smirked, but the deadly serious intent radiating out of her new boss made her decide against it.
“My role here does not include the management of people’s arses. I do not have responsibility for anybody’s posterior in any way shape or form. You may get to hear one or two jokes circulating among the staff which poke fun at my position, but let me assure you that they are all derived from the unfortunate choice of wording on this sign, and do not actually denote that I have any type of formal expertise regarding bottoms. Is that clear?”
Alice stared at her, agog. “Yes.”
“Good. I just wanted to get that out of the way. Believe me, I’ve heard every single innuendo imaginable, and it doesn’t do my mood any good when people come knocking on my door to tell me their latest side splittingly hilarious arse joke.”
“Okay.” Alice nodded, a little afraid at the notion of being alone with this crazy woman.










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