Thomas Briar

 Thomas Briar lives in South Georgia. He strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates, but BDSM within alternative lifestyles is his absolute favorite subject to write about. This will probably always be so, no matter which sub-genre of erotica he finds his mind turning toward.


BDSM Erotic Romance


After discovering her soul-mate in Nick, Lana's D/s lifestyle choice comes under the scrutiny of her conservative parents.


Contemporary Erotic Romance


Two distinctively different women must follow Mama Jo-Jo's advice to achieve romantic happiness and sexual fulfillment.


Erotic Historical Fiction


Dr. Joseph Banner, a twenty-two year old graduate of medical college, has a natural gift for treating hysteria, circa 1878. The only problem is none of his peers in Boston, Massachusetts will offer him an assistantship due to a supposed moral indiscretion on his part.


Contemporary Erotic Romance


What's Clarissa going to do when a lost love returns after a three year absence?



Dark Contemporary Erotic Romance

If Kiera confesses to crossing a line she can't uncross, she just might find true love with Robb and Betty.



Erotica Romance Menage

Can Shyla's great love for Brandon survive yet another lovely one night stand?



Kara’s attempt to fulfill a fantasy and keep it a secret may end up backfiring after she meets Evan.











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