Mark Casigh


Originally from Chicago, Illinois he now lives in the area of Detroit, Michigan.
Retired from the US Army, father of five and grandfather to four.
Author of “Awakenings: Cozumel, Mexico.”
Graduate of University of the State of New York, Albany, NY. Friend and graduating classmate of Richard Burns
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Erotic Romance

Auld Lang Syne


We all remember someone who made us weak and breathless. What if they walked into your life again?




Erotica Interracial Romance

The Penitent

Eighteen-year-olds Mark and Felicia try to celebrate Christmas alone at her parents’ party. What could go wrong?




My Secret Santa

f.f, menage, m/f

Kaisha has a problem...she needs to figure out who from the three men in her life: boyfriend, ex, or boy next door, is blindfolding and pleasuring her at night...then again, does it matter?


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