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Christine London was born in Chicago, Illinois, but left the long winters of the Midwest as a child to find her roots in the sun and charm of California, both North and South. Her adopted home became Great Britain when she spent a year of college in the east end of London with three male flat mates; one from each country on the main island. Her fascination and love affair with all things British has grown over the years, facilitated by summers spent trading houses.

Graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Chris continued with family, teaching, singing in a jazz sextet and running foot races (and winning) before discovering her true passion….the romance and adventure of writing.

It took one Scot to awaken her poetic appreciation of Scotland's natural beauty, and another Scot to ignite her passion for writing. Thank you, gentlemen.


Contemporary Erotic Romance

Will the hard driving, salty tongued gorgeous mechanic
Kyle Matthews relies upon to fix his Harley be able to mend his heart, as well? 

Contemporary Erotic Romance


Two lonely people overwhelmed by life…same time, same gorgeous Oahu locale---except they are not alone….

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