A Dark Confession

If Kiera confesses to crossing a line she can't uncross, she just might find true love with Robb and Betty.
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Author: Thomas Briar

A Dark Confession

by Thomas Briar

Genre Dark Contemporary Erotic Romance

Tags Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Dark, Confession, Ménage, Voyeurism, F/F/M 

Release August 27, 2015

Editor Susan Davis

Line Editor Nancy Canu

Cover Designer DKS Graphic Designs

Pages 52

ISBN 978-1-77127-741-9

Price $2.99

Back Cover

Twenty-four-year-old Kiera Robbins is gathering empirical data for her doctoral dissertation on the romantic rituals within successful relationships.

Attractive twenty-something newlyweds Robb and Betty Marks are absent any sexual inhibitions, making them the perfect subjects for Kiera’s study. They are also Kiera's closest friends—and her next-door neighbors.

So…why is Kiera hiding a dark secret from them? And why does she feel the sudden need to reveal it? But most important of all, what will Robb and Betty do when Kiera confesses to crossing a line she can't uncross?


It wouldn’t matter that she secretly loved them and wanted to be more than friends with them. No. Some things a person just wasn’t supposed to be doing. Not even in the privacy of their own home. The worst thing of all was knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that she couldn’t stop—no matter how much she wished she could.

When tomorrow arrived and the urge to come came upon her, she would do it all over again…and again the next day…and every day thereafter until her growing guilt finally made her confess her deceitfulness. At which time she was certain Betty and Robb would shut her out of their lives forever.

Tears welled in her eyes and spilled out as racking sobs shook her entire body. Out of sheer hopelessness, she covered her face with her pillow to hide from the shamefulness of her unrequited love.



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