Dark Secret

Kinky lovers arouse their deepest needs and desires, making their hidden inhibitions reality.
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Author: Ruby Red

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Dark Secret

Wild Darkness Imprint

by Ruby Red

Genre  Erotic BDSM Paranormal Romance

Tags  ADULT CONTENT ONLY - Lust, Love, Sex, erotica, Mild BDSM, control, domination, lies, deceit, multi-partners, same sex. Vampires.

Release  April 18, 2014

Editor  Susan Davis

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Words  7136

Pages  29

ISBN  978-1-77127-518-7

Price  $2.50


Back Cover

Schmidt. A person who has one goal in one mind – or is that two goals in two minds?

Schmidt possesses a dark secret or two and lives for one goal, Western Terrier’s love.

Western Terrier holds her own secret, so does their Boss-man, owner of a BDSM playhouse.

What happens when all three discover each other’s darkest unknowns? Will passionate love ever be a possibility?



“Now, Boss. I caught him basically moving money, thousands, to several fake accounts. But he’s terribly clever, I only realised he was responsible when Ursula flagged that he had taken five unauthorised fifteen minute windows of time and—”

“Enough, Schmidt, don’t bore me with how. Get the bastard in here. Gecko. Gecko…Gecko! Ahh, here you are. Is he with you?”

Gecko nodded. “Tied to an A-frame outside. Waiting for you to gimme the nod to wheel him in.”

The boss’s lips curled upward. I knew this look very well, it was as if he knew what suffering was coming and revelled in the sexual control he exerted over his victim. The fear in their eyes totally excited him, thrilled him more perhaps than the act itself.



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